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Review: Oriental Takeout With Chow Noodle Bar

If you’ve had a crazy week and can’t be bothered to stop by a restaurant and need some TLC in the form of food, then home delivery is your best option. The best thing about being in this century is the ease at which you can have food delivered to your doorstep. These two things influenced my decision to order from Chow Noodle Bar off their Instagram page. That and the fact that their box has popped on my Instagram feed a couple of times.


I ordered their Hot Box which was basically egg noodles with shredded chicken and veggies in their signature spicy sauce. I made this order around 6 pm and I had my hot box outside my house a little shy of 8 pm. The only issue I had with the delivery service was the fact that the courier driver did not have a POS and also wasn’t equipped to accept cash. So, I had to do a transfer.

I was impressed with the meal being hot when it got to my doorstep and couldn’t wait to dig in. I felt the box was a little bit small but when I opened my meal, I was certain I couldn’t finish it and I honestly didn’t.

It was an enjoyable meal, the veggies were fresh, the pasta was the right texture but the spicy sauce was not spicy for me. When I saw the shredded chicken on the menu option, I was almost certain of a protein-festival in my bowl, which wasn’t the case. There were chunks of chicken in my meal and that was pretty much it.

At the end of the day, it was a nice experience ordering from Chow Noodle Bar. I’d be sure to try something else from their menu option in the future for a fair judgement. Also, it was pretty cheap for the quantity of meal that was gotten.

Price box
Hot Box: 1800
Delivery: 500 (varies based on location)

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