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Review: Southern Food Hunt Delta Pot

When Lagos life gets a bit overwhelming, I find that eating some home (Southern) food, once in a while even if I have to scout out some bole and fish can be quite therapeutic. So, this time, I decided to check out Delta Pot, which is located at 18b Fola Osibo Rd, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, and known for their tasty Nigerian cuisine.


I was so glad to have walked into an empty restaurant. There’s something relaxing about some alone time at a restaurant, plus my writer’s spot was available right by the window. I didn’t really scan through the menu because I knew what I wanted and had decided I would settle for a simple plate of fried yam if I couldn’t have banga soup.

Afrocentric decor

I had the option of choosing goat meat, tilapia, catfish or assorted meat and of course, I opted for catfish with a portion of snail and poundo. The bowl of soup was so massive and generous; I couldn’t fathom the idea of finishing the meal at first glance. They got the seasoning spot on! I literally felt like I was eating some home cooked meal in Port-Harcourt.

Poundo yam and Banga soup

I have had the most awkward relationship with banga soup recently, I remember haven choked on a fish bone because I was enjoying it too much to check properly! This time, I got some soup in my eye as I attempted to cut the snail but it didn’t stop me from devouring the meal because I was half asleep by the time I was finished.

Banga soup and poundo yam

Truth be told, while it’s the best banga soup I have had in Lagos thus far, I would have loved a full-on seafood banga dish, with prawns and some ngolo, as the meal seemed empty with just fish and snail. My expectations might have been a bit too high but overall, it was quite satisfying and I would definitely go back for more. Also, their prices are fantastic for the extremely large portions!

Price list
Banga Soup- 3500
Snail- 1500

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