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Four Ways To Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Hair is not only a part of a pleasant appearance as Thick and healthy hair is also a sign of overall well-being. Unfortunately, many people around the world suffer from different types of hair problems due to poor maintenance, hormonal factors or heredity.


Hair grows 1 inch every few months and most people experience a growth rate of about 6 inches per year, however, this can vary per individual, based on issues such as illness, nutrition and stress.

Here are a few ways to stimulate healthy hair growth;

1. Keep The Scalp And Hair Clean

If you want thick and lustrous hair, you need to take good care of it. Use a mild shampoo every alternative day to keep the scalp and hair clean. Oiling the scalp and hair is a good idea, but do take care to rinse off the oil properly.

2. Incorporate Zinc And Iron Into Your Diet

Deficiency of zinc and iron is a major reason for an obstructed hair growth. Add plenty of green vegetables, antioxidants, and lean meats into your regular diet. Pick and eat such foods that contain these minerals affluently.

3. Minimize applying heat

Excessive and improper use of tools like hair straighteners can be very injurious to hair growth and health. Never forget to apply a gel or moisturizer before applying the hot iron, as it locks the moisture of the hair.

4. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Choose foods that contain high amount of Biotin or vitamin B7. Some of such foods are egg yolks, halibuts, nuts, and lentils. Oysters, legumes, and shellfish contain rich amount of selenium and zinc, which are highly beneficial for hair growth. Salmon, avocado, and walnuts are affluent in omega 3 fatty acid, which also assist in keeping your hair healthy.

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