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Nigerian Doctor Reveals Why “Using Antiseptic Is Bad For You”

When it comes to hygiene, one is particular about if the water is clean. But, no matter how “clean” water appears to be, there could be hidden germs in it.

Which is where antiseptic liquids come in and have since dominated hygiene talks and practices. Nowadays, it is believed that adding a few drops of these liquids to our bathing water or making use of an antiseptic soap automatically guarantees a germ-free skin, but, that might just be a myth.


In a series of tweets, a Nigerian doctor identified as Dr. Olufunmilayo revealed why adding antiseptic liquids to your bathing, or making using of its products, aren’t safe.

He further stated that “there is NO evidence that adding “antiseptic” to bathwater makes it safer for you to bath”.

The idea that using antiseptic is somehow “superior” or “better” is a SCAM and a MYTH only used in marketing to defraud people. You do NOT need/have to add antiseptic to your bath water, he tweeted.

Like most doctors have said in the past, Dr Olufunmilayo reiterated that on our skins and inside the woman’s vagina are helpful protective bacteria called “normal flora” which are like foot soldiers that defend and protect our skins and the woman’s vagina from outside infections. But the use of these antiseptic liquids kills and wipe away these protective footsoldiers.

“And what happens next is, the skin starts having infections and the vagina starts to have a bad odour, terrible discharge and severe itching. This is why you notice that you become very dependent on the antiseptic soap/liquids and your skin can’t do without it”.

In conclusion, he advised that just as the routine use of antibiotics is bad for you- the routine use of antiseptic liquids/soaps is “BAD FOR YOUR SKIN”.

Stop adding antiseptic to bath water. A simple plain soap and water is perfect for you to have your bath. That’s the truth.

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