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Ayo Lawal ……. Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Ayo Lawal is an author, writer, speaker and an entrepreneur, who recently authored two books, In Pursuit of Excellence and Doing the Impossible, which are inspired by his zeal to ensure that readers excel in their life’s journey. According to him, “I believe in God and in excellence. My philosophy is, ‘God is not just…

Ayo Lawal is an author, writer, speaker and an entrepreneur, who recently authored two books, In Pursuit of Excellence and Doing the Impossible, which are inspired by his zeal to ensure that readers excel in their life’s journey.

According to him, “I believe in God and in excellence. My philosophy is, ‘God is not just excellent; He is Excellence.’ With so much hinging upon this philosophy, I have made it my life’s passion to help people of different sizes and shapes excel at all levels. I believe in them and their ability to excel, and helping them to do so professionally.

The founder of GEM Enterprises and Ayo Lawal International, while speaking on the inspiration behind, Pursuit of Excellence, reveals that the book was inspired by God’s directive. “Just like the other books I have written, they are messages that I consider to be credible tools that God intend to share with people in my dispensation. Excellence is the theme of my message, which is my assignment from God and core of my being.

In 2012, he got a message from God, urging him to talk to the world about excellence, which he has not departed from, ensuring that every medium possible is used to spread the message of excellence.

Apart from what God has laid in my heart, I also took time to explore and know what excellence is all about. I also have mentors whose emphasis either in ministry or business may not really be excellence,” he says. “They are Benny Hinn, a man of God, who always talks about the Holy Spirit, T.B Jakes, a motivational expert and one of the foremost gospel preachers in the world and Bill Gate, a business mogul; I have been able to learn some things from them that have helped me. I also have personal testimonies of how God has helped me achieve excellence in life, my ministry and work place.

Lawal explains, “I believe this book will help people in different parts of the world achieve success. It is a guidebook to a higher level in an era of success, where people can succeed more than they can imagine, which means, there is no restriction to how far people can succeed in life. This book will help people increase their capacity and efficiency in succeeding, develop crystal clear sense of who they are born to be, how to get there and how they can make the most of it; it is not enough to discover your personality but utilising your personality. People can also develop their own unique strategy for success and that is one of the essences of the book.

Continuing, he says, “When I receive things from God, I try to put them in a simpler way to help those who get these information understand it better and make use of it by applying it in their day to day lives.   However, there is a difference between excellence and success. When there is excellence, you succeed and when you succeed, you feel good. Happiness is simply feeling good about yourself, achievement, family, career, business or whatever God has helped you achieve.

To the writer and entrepreneur, “Excellence is more than succeeding; it is the perfection, wholeness and completeness of success. It is an inside out experience, which do not come from the things around you, but from joy, because joy comes from witness and no one can give that except God. That is why I always tell people while writing that they should try as much as possible to always find their way back to their source, because every product has its source. Being created by God, who is our maker, we need to have a vital link with our source who is God.”

He says, “So many people have succeeded in life but do not have joy, because the excellence they have is not what God has designed for them. The original life that God intended for man is for him to live a life that is as perfect as God.

While speaking on the other book, Doing the Impossible, Lawal says that he has always had the zeal to help people understand the opposition of persecution on their path to excellence.

You can actually succeed in spite of the enemies or oppositions that will be on your way. The will of God is not for man to be dominated by evil forces, man is created and loaded with authentic profound power and so he is supposed to understand that and put it into use. This book will help people know that they can sleep well like a baby even though the enemy is around because it is a defeated foe, he has no power or authority, it lost everything,” Lawal points out.

Lawal, who describes himself as a born writer, sent with a mandate to raise people to glory, blessing, prosperity and royalty, notes that he is grateful having published two books at the same time, which is in fulfillment of his mandate by God.

These books are like pregnancy and the joy of putting to bed is what I feel. When I started writing in 2002, I was working on four manuscripts at the same time, which is part of the results we have today,” he says. “I published my first books on small scale in May 2005, which came out the same day but in terms of volume, quality of product and content these books are far better off. And so I felt I am a person God has blessed with giving birth to twins and that is why I also have another set of two books. More importantly, these books are like two sides of life so that people can have the flexibility of thinking, reflecting and meditating about life.”

Lawal trained at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos State Polytechnic and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Through a lot of personal developmental processes, including self help to acquire knowledge and learning from mentors, he has been able to develop his skills and now motivates thousands of people around the world.

His books, which are based on topics of excellence, vision, dream, goal, teamwork, power, attitude, success, faith, freedom, deliverance and personal improvement are expected to be read by every human being who deserves to be alive, he said.

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