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Fashion Meets Technology

For the longest time, there has been a clear distinction between the fashion industry and the technology industry. This distinction, if we had decided to dig deeper, would have proven to be unnecessary. Slowly this boundary has begun to fade and these industries have begun to see the importance and relevance of one another.


Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives. Fashion is the prevailing style, be it in clothing, hair, decoration or behaviour during a particular time. Over the years, both industries have had cause to synergise and create at different times. The fashion industry often relies on technology to meet certain objectives, and technology has needed fashion to model its inventions.


Little wonder that the super stylish HP Spectre uses the same modus operandi in introducing itself into the Nigerian market. The cover subjects are Mai Atafo and Toju Foyeh, the IT names in the Nigerian fashion industry today as well as Ifeyinwa Afe, a determined woman who has made it her life’s duty to aid sustainable development for the future.

Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo

Introduce yourself

My name is Mai Atafo, I am a bespoke tailor and fashion designer.

You have a record with the corporate industry why did you leave and how has it affected your M.O as a fashion designer? 

I left the corporate industry to pursue my heart desire of becoming a fashion entrepreneur. My experience from working in the corporate world as a marketing specialist has really affected the way I run my business. I believe marketing is the core of any consumer driven business.

What motivates your creative direction as a designer? 

Life and everything around me motivates and inspires my creative direction. I believe that the more I see the more creative I am.

We are now in a digital age; how best would you say technology has affected your job as a fashion designer?

Technology has affected almost every aspect of my job as a fashion designer. From new machines that provide new and different techniques for garment construction to social media which is the new medium for communication and image creation.

 What are your hopes for the fashion and tech industry? 

Well, technology is already turning my hopes to reality. I mean, with The New HP Spectre, technology complements my skills without compromising performance as a Fashion designer. I hope to see new technologies that would help the fashion industry seamlessly improve creativity, communication as well as garment manufacturing. I mean, looking at the current trends, technology is enormously helping fashion break new frontiers.

What is the importance in this age and time of embracing technology in the Nigerian fashion industry? 

It is so important that it is imperative. Technology holds the key to a successful fashion label. Literally every aspect of fashion has to do with technology, it is almost inevitable.

 How did the HP Spectre inspire the black and gold collection?

They are few things that characterise the HP Spectre; in my opinion, these are Sleek, Stylish, craftsmanship and the obvious one, the colours of the HP Spectre. Majority of the collection was black and gold but beyond that each suit is based on the Savile row craftsmanship and it takes 80 hours for one suit, which gives a clean and sleek cut and fit to every suit.


Toju Foyeh

Toju Foyeh

Hello Toju, introduce yourself?

My name is Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku (Toju Foyeh). Born in the late 80’s, I developed a passion for fashion at a young age. Growing up, I was surrounded by several family members who were into fashion. In the early ’90’s, my mother sold unique fabric pieces and my grandmother was a designer who attended the London College of Fashion. Putting my education as priority, I obtained an LLB Law from the University of Reading, UK and an LLM from the University of Manchester, also in the UK. At this point, I decided to follow my passion by enrolling for degree programmed at the world famous Instituto Marangoni in Milan. After my degree I returned to Nigeria to attend the Nigerian Law School before setting up my business.

You have an amazing record in the fashion industry, what has been your motivation?

God is my motivation; I look to Him for strength and Direction. I also look to my family for support and encouragement. The drive to be successful also motivates me. I also constantly challenge myself to be better at what I do every day.

How would you best describe the effect of technology in the fashion industry?

Technology makes things a lot easier, faster and precise. For example, illustrations can be done digitally as opposed to by hand. You can illustrate a style digitally using the actual fabric, this allows the client see what the outfit would look like before the outfit is made. There are also machines that help make the sewing process easier. For example, with beading, this makes the production process faster. There are also applications that keep us updated with fashion trends and all that’s happening and relevant in fashion today.

What are your hopes for the fashion and technology industry?

To make life easier by creating more effective and efficient ways of doing things.

What is the importance in this age and time of embracing technology in the Nigerian fashion industry? 

As I mentioned earlier, technology makes things easier, especially the whole production process. For instance, advanced machines have been created to make the sewing process easier and faster, applications have been created for digital illustrations. Also we now have applications that can be used for record keeping, inventory and stock keeping and any other customer database which makes it easier to manage the business as a whole

How did the HP Spectre inspire the black and gold collection?

The HP Spectre looks like a piece of art so a lot of emphasis was put in the craftsmanship and detailing of the pieces. Also, focusing on the sleek appearance of the laptop, I made sure the pieces were sophisticated and elegant.



Ifeyinwa Afe

Ifeyinwa Afe

Who is Ify Jennifer Afe?

 Ify is a dynamic woman, bursting with ideas and energy, passionate about making a long lasting positive change to the world we live in. A graduate of Economics and Development Studies from Igbinedion University, I have always aspired towards championing positive contributions towards sustainable development, such that ‘tomorrow ‘gets better every day for our children and generations to come.

Best of all, I am a proud mother to two amazing children, and a wife to the best husband anyone could ever ask for.

You have an impressive resume what has been your driving force?  

Thank you very much. I would say that I am a very determined woman, I have unending knack for learning and unfailing love for humanity.

How does this new Spectre fit into the daily lives of people?

 The HP Spectre is one of the thinnest notebooks the world has seen, and unlike other super thin PCs in the market, this laptop doesn’t compromise power or features. A beautiful edge-to-edge display, Intel® Core™ i processors coupled with Bang & Olufsen sound and a sexy and thin design, HP amazing engineers set a new standard with the Spectre.

So recently HP launched its new Spectre into the Nigerian Market. What inspired the technology meets fashion themed event?

At HP we continually try to reinvent. So in our 77 years of doing business we have constantly tried to reinvent ourselves whilst paying close attention to the needs and desires of our customers.  The event was carefully thought through and planned because it was extremely important to us that people understood the messaging behind it.

The HP Spectre is a unique product that embraces exceptional style with power.

It is a distinct product that compromises on nothing, which is why we needed to ensure that its first official introduction into the Nigerian market was done with two of the style industry’s top designers, and for our distinguished guests to appreciate the rare merger of style and technology.

Creative Team

Photography: Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Makeup: Abekemakeovers

Ifeyinwa Afe and Toju Foyeh’s outfit: Toju Foyeh

Mai Atafo’s outfit: Mai Atafo

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