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Three Ways Of Overcoming Intimidation At The Gym

Whether you are a regular fitness junkie or a beginner, chances are that you may have faced some form of intimidation at the gym before. The sights, the sounds and even the smalls can make one afraid, overwhelmed or anxious at some point.

“Gymtimidation”, as we’re going to call it, is one thing that stops people before they start working out.


Here are three ways to make your stay at the workout centre welcoming:

Find the right fit

There are many types of gyms and gym-goers. Some look like you stepped into an activewear fashion show and others focus on specific workouts like Zumba or Pilates. Make sure the gym meets your needs and their style and clientele make you feel comfortable. You can also get a workout buddy who can help with every aspect of gymtimidation.

Treadmill. Photo The Trent

Don’t fear the equipment

Find out what equipment you need and how to use it. To do this, you have to be clear about your goals and needs, whether it’s weight loss or strength-building. Some gyms offer free tours of the equipment. Feel free to ask questions and state what you need.

Don’t gymtimidate others

You also need to make the gym a welcoming environment for others. If someone makes eye contact or tries to talk, feel free to smile at them or talk to them. If someone looks confused at a machine, it’s okay to ask if they need help. Back off if they say no. Don’t stare at others or go around commenting on their bodies or workouts.

Re-rack weights if you’re lifting the highest number of weights so that the next person doesn’t have to struggle with taking them down. If you see other members engaging in gymtimidating behaviour, consider pulling them aside to help them understand why it’s not cool.

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