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Being A Morning Person And Its Incredible Benefits

“The early bird eats the fattest bone.”

One of the routines successful people have in common is waking up early. Many of them claim that being an early bird is one powerful weapon has incredible benefits that many people have access to but refuse to take advantage of.

Waking up early doesn’t have to be hard. Progress gradually, keeping it in mind that you won’t master it overnight. A good way to do this is to wake up a few minutes earlier every day until you achieve your desired result. Also, sleep enough so you are well-rested and put your alarm clock at a far distance so that you need to stand up to turn it off.

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Here are some benefits of waking up at dawn that would have you waking up before the sun.

1. Self-discipline
Waking up with or before sunrise requires a lot of self-discipline and willpower. Getting up is the hardest part. Hitting your snooze button and cosying up in bed feels pretty good, doesn’t it? You can start by waking up a few minutes earlier than the day before until you reach your desired hour and your body adjusts to it. Little by little, you will progress and become a morning person, forming a new, positive habit that will prove to you that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

2. Increased productivity
One major reason successful people aim to be early birds is productivity. Starting your day very early gives you a mental boost and you can check off part of your to-do list in the quiet hours of the morning while the world sleeps. Doing this will see you getting your work for the day done well ahead of time.

3. More energy
Waking up early, as long as you didn’t stay up late the night before, sets your tone for how your day will progress. It gives you time to create a routine that will kickstart your morning and leave you feeling more energetic during the day. Exercising, meditating or practising yoga are some of the physical activities you can start with and make your body release endorphins. You could also devote this time to complex thinking like writing, coming up with ideas or fully focussing on your goals in a distraction-free time dedicated fully to yourself.

Photo credit: Reader’s Digest

4. Self-improvement
When you create a habit of waking up early and your body adapts to it, you will find yourself squeezing in as much from your morning as possible. Then you will find a morning routine that suits your needs the most. During the process, you learn more about your weaknesses and strengths which are invaluable lessons. This daily routine will make you stick out from the crowd and achieve extraordinary results with ease.

5. Satisfaction
Imagine checking off all items on your to-do list by lunchtime. Won’t that be satisfying? Then you can enjoy the rest of your day doing light, fun activities you love while the rest of the world struggles to complete their assignments. This sense of satisfaction boosts your motivation to thrive the next day. It is easier to start with the most demanding tasks that you would usually procrastinate on and then go to effortless activities.

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