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Exercising- A Whole Lot More Than Weight Losing

For some reason, exercising has been linked to weight loss with a straight line, leaving no space whatsoever for distinction so much that it has become a norm, to see a ‘skinny person’ at the gym and throw the question, ‘What are you doing here? What is there to lose?’. All these begs the questions, what happened to exercise and healthy living? What happened to exercise and keeping fit?

Another common phenomenon surrounding this is the belief that exercising gives you an excuse to eat unhealthily or excessively, to take additional rest or simple just less infusion of energy in your normal daily routine. Surely, after exercising, you deserve extra creamy layering in your bread toast, whilst relaxing?

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This thought stems from a reaction -compensatory behaviours, which are adjustment made unconsciously after exercising, to compensate for calories burnt. However, calories burnt on account of exercising, make up for a small part of your total energy expenditure, which implies the impossibility of making up for your eating transgression with exercising.

Asides the quest for weight loss and maintenance, exercising is a lot more of other amazing benefits. It is more about increasing growth and development, forestalling ageing, strengthening muscles and cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, improving physical as well as mental health.

It is important that we re-brand our thought on what exercise is really about so as discontinue the misconceptions surrounding, exercising and weight loss; thereby realigning with the realities of long-term weight management and the incredible health benefit of exercise.

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