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Five Beauty Essentials You Need To Survive The Harmattan Season

Its the time of the year again; Nigeria and other west African countries experience the dry, dusty, cold  weather ‘Harmattan’  During the harmattan season, the weather tends to appear harsh to our hair, dry nostrils, dry skin, white feet skin and health. The harmattan might last from December to February. Are you using the right beauty products to protect your skin, here are some necessary beauty essential.

Lip Balm 

The lips are easily chapped and may lead to ugly blisters. Ensure to take your lip balm or vaseline everywhere with you. it is very important because nobody likes looking at cracked lips and in very bad cases the lips tend to start bleeding. A lip balm moisturizes, heals and protects the lips from breaking and dryness.



Drink lots of water. Your body gets easily dehydrated during this period. So, you must constantly drink water to stay hydrated. It lubricates the body from inside out, water is the ultimate beauty tool for every season, through every weather. You can also take fruits that contain water like oranges, pineapples, watermelon e.t.c.


Body oil

The harmattan is cold and breezy can leave your skin cracked and ashy. During this period, moisture is lost from the skin faster than usual hence to ensure a healthy skin, it is wise to keep your body oil close as it comes handy. Coconut oil is usually a go-to at times like this, It helps in moisturising the skin and hair. You can either pour a few drops in your bathing water or mix it with my body cream.


Hair oil and serum

Your hair requires moisture to keep it healthy. even your weaves and natural hair needs some attention too. The hair serum gives weaves some shine and also helps to lock in moisture. you should never leave your hair undone.


Body scrub

The weather causes your skin to be really dry which may eventually make it appear dull. You need regular exfoliation at least twice a week to get rid of dead cells that will accumulate on your skin so as to keep ones skin glowing and full of life.


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