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Tips To Cure Feet Odour For Good!

Foot odour is a type of body odour that affects the feet of humans and is generally considered an unpleasant smell. Foot sweat in itself is odourless, but it creates a beneficial environment for certain bacteria to grow and produce bad-smelling substances.

There are 2 things that you need to deal with when it comes to foot odour, and that is bacteria and sweat. It is not actually the sweat that makes your feet smell, but the bacteria that thrives in the moist environment it creates.

Sweat is odourless, for the most part, except for the kind that comes from the glands in the armpit/genital area. There are proteins and amino acids in sweat from those glands (called the apocrine glands) that feed bacteria, giving it a particular unappealing smell. The bacteria on your feet give off a kind of gas as they eat, which is the source of the foot problems. If you can keep your feet dry, clean, and fight the bacteria, you won’t have to worry about letting them out to breathe in a room with other people around.Tips To Cure Feet Odour For Good!

Use these simple tricks to get rid of odour culprits in your feet.

Wash your feet: While this is not the ultimate solution, the objective here is to get rid of any bacteria and dead skin cells that bacterium likes to feed on. So when you wash your feet, exfoliate the entire surface of your foot using a clean towel with an anti-bacterial soap. Don’t forget to scrub between your toes.

Dry your feet: When you are done washing your feet with water and anti-bacteria soap, dry your feet and dry them completely. Moisture, whether water or sweat; is what creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. Take the time to dry your feet thoroughly and don’t neglect the space between your toes.

Use hand sanitizer or antiperspirant:  This may sound weird but it actually works. The same way a good hand sanitizer kills germs on your hand and keeps them fresh, the same way it will work on the toes and inhibit bacterial growth. But this is not all; use an antiperspirant you normally apply under your arms for your feet also. Just make sure to get a separate stick for each area. Apply it on a clean, dry foot at night, and then in the morning, put your socks and shoes on as usual. It will help keep your feet dry and fresh during the day.

Tips To Cure Feet Odour For Good!

Antiperspirant actually reacts with the electrolytes in sweat to form “gel plugs” that block off sweat channels. Since each one of the feet has over 250,000 sweat glands, a little antiperspirant can go a long way to keep it dry and bacteria free. However, don’t apply antiperspirant right before going out, or you’ll be slipping and sliding in your shoes, you might not get the total Tips To Cure Feet Odour For Good!package it have effected when applied on a dry feet.

Apple Vinegar Soak: Use this method for a more intense odour. Soak feet nightly in a bowel of water mixed with vinegar to eliminate odoriferous bacteria. Apple cider vinegar might not seem like the first thing you want to submerge your stinky feet in, but it actually does a nice job at getting rid of odour. It creates an acidic environment that bacteria have a hard time thriving in, reducing the count and subsequently the smell.

To do this you will need

-1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

-5-8 cups of warm water

-Something to soak your toes in


Fill a foot basin with 5-8 cups of warm water and add ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to it. Plunge your feet and soak for 15 minutes twice a day. Dry completely when you’re finished-you can rinse them in cold water afterwards if you want.

Other important Tips

No matter how often you follow the tips above, if you don’t maintain cleanliness within your foot area, these bacteria will be hard to finally eradicate. It could just be a medicine that wanes off bacteria for a period of time that it lasts, and then shows up again. For a healthier lifestyle;

-Wash your socks often and ensure they dry completely before use.

-Avoid synthetic material in socks, which makes it harder for feet to breathe.

-Sprinkle your shoes with baking soda, it is not only totally odour absorbing it helps keep feet dry and off bacteria in the shoe.

-Wear open toed shoes when possible or pull out your toes from your shoes anytime you feel sweat down there. It could just be for 5 minutes or more just to get rid of that sweat while your feet find time to breath before your shoes on again!,,, &

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    I read somewhere that putting tea bags inside your shoe helps reduce the smell…. Is that true?