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You Need To Add More Fibre To Your Diet. Here’s Why:

By Chidirim Ndeche with Agency Report 30 August 2017   |   5:00 pm

You may know that fibre like fruits and vegetables helps to regulate bowel movement and reduce constipation, but that’s not all they are for.

Not eating fibre could trigger lifelong diseases, according to nutritionist Miss Nike Oshinowo in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

A low fibre diet is basically one that is low in whole fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, and whole grains.

Low fibre consumption can be associated with diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and digestive disorders.

According to her, diet low in fibre will lead to altered physiology or diseases, because of the important physiological effects dietary fibre has on the body.

“While healthy lifestyle choices like exercises are considered important to the prevention of chronic diseases, the role of diet in disease prevention should not be ignored.
Many diseases, like colon and gastrointestinal tract, heart disease, obesity and diabetes are linked with low fibre diet.
Diets low in fibre or high in fat increase the risk for constipation, haemorrhoids, poor sugar control and weight gain; which you know are trigger factors of these diseases.”

Fibre foods: fresh fruits and vegetables. Photo: Your Fitness Engineer

The nutritionist said that many of these diseases and conditions, which until recently are rare, were now becoming common because of increased consumption of processed foods.

“Eating foods, as close to their natural state, is always healthier than eating their processed versions.
Diet high in fibre plays an integral role in keeping the intestines and colon functioning properly.
It helps to regulate bowel movement and reduce constipation.”

So this is another reason to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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