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Young Men At Risk Of Male Menopause

More young men are complaining of sexual concerns such as diminished libido and erectile problems that are often seen in older men.

Some doctors say that obesity, stress, inadequate sleep sometimes contribute to the problem. Although this is not solely caused by lifestyle, low level of the sex hormone testosterone can affect sexual function.

Low testosterone common in older men is known as male menopause or andropause which normally happens
According to naturopathic doctor Geovanni Espinosa, “after age 40, men experience a three per cent reduction in testosterone every year. After age 60, about 20% of men experience andropause.”

Some estimates have shown that the average 80-year-old man will have nearly half less testosterone than when he was a young man.

To correct low testosterone, there is the option of prescription-replacement therapy which has serious side effects such as shrinkage of the testicles and low sperm production.

Therefore, it is important to assess all the elements that affect testosterone such as:


Some exercises lead to low testosterone levels like endurance cardio exercise and running marathons, rather men should focus on exercises that increase it like, lifting weight using large muscles such as those in the legs and back can increase testosterone.


Diets that encourages weight gain and resistance to insulin should be avoided because they lower testosterone. For high testosterone production, slow metabolized carbs are recommended like high fibre fruits, whole grains and legumes.

Sleep and stress

For an optimum level of testosterone, which is normally produced in the early hours of the morning during sleep, between 5 and 7 am. It is recommended that electronic devices be switched off and the room is made comfortable for improved sleep.

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