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13 Nov
Petra Akinti Onyegbule wears many hats graciously. The hardworking sociologist and political communications strategist with experience spanning 15 years
12 Aug
Despite the many benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, for mother and child, only about 29 per cent of Nigerian women adhere to the practice.
12 Jun 2021
Tending to a child comes with its challenges, let alone caring for twins, triplets, quadruplets and even more. It takes adequate care, attention and love to ensure your babies are comfortable.
14 May 2020
A shocking video shows almost 50 surrogate babies stranded in Ukraine due to the coronavirus lockdown. Some 46 newborns are crammed in a dormitory at the Venice Hotel in capital city Kyiv, in what looks like a baby factory as reported by The Daily Mail. They are due to be collected by parents from the…
9 May 2020
The fear of bathing in infants and toddlers is a normal part of growing up. It is a sign that they are beginning to understand the world and the way it works
24 Mar 2020
The belief that children are immune to coronavirus has been debunked. Doctors have warned that children and young adults are not safe from this pandemic. Experts say the highly contagious infection can still spread between children and youngsters, even though the elderly are most at risk. They further warn that the life-threatening illness may cause…
1 Jan 2020
The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has disclosed that no fewer than 26,039 babies will be born in Nigeria today being New Year’s Day.
3 Aug 2019
The summer holiday is a better time for parents to engage their kids in reading, which creates the most bond among them. It definitely does not have to be books related to school work, reading with your child creates a form of activity that children can learn and grow with.
3 Aug 2019
Newborn babies always bring joy to their mothers. But Ngozi’s experience seemed to be a departure from the norm. The reason was not far-fetched. Ngozi had prolonged labour. This made even the cry of the newborn baby for care to irritate her. Ngozi’s mother had to use a feeding bottle to suckle the crying baby.
2 Aug 2019
  Being a new parent is always fascinating, however, there are some things that must be avoided in order to ensure your babies are safe and are not open to any form of infections or hazards. Below are some things to avoid when you have babies with you: Kiss them It is a joyful thing…
1 Aug 2019
Babies are very tender and should be treated as such. The immunity level of most babies is very low and this makes them prone to infections and diseases. Therefore, the things given to them must be closely monitored. Below are some foods that should be avoided in babies’ meal: Salt Babies do not need much…
7 Jul 2019
Text: Ps. 75:10; ZecH. 1:17-20 These satanic horns scatter babies in the womb and cause miscarriages. I know of a lady who had 12 pregnancies in eight years and none stayed. She was always having miscarriages. Whenever the pregnancy gets to three or four months, in her dream she would either see a red clothe,…


1 day ago
Hosts Cameroon set up an Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final against the Gambia but only after labouring to a 2-1 win over a Comoros side who were forced to start an outfield player
1 day ago
Gabon coach Patrice Neveu admitted his team struggled to make up for losing star man Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after they were knocked
1 day ago
Soldiers in Burkina Faso on Monday announced on state television that they have seized power in the West African country following a mutiny over the civilian president...
1 day ago
A UK government minister resigned Monday in protest over the government's handling of fraudulent loans granted as part of a pandemic business support scheme.
1 day ago
Star forward Musa Barrow scored on 71 minutes to take debutants Gambia, the lowest-ranked team at the Africa Cup of Nations, into the quarter-finals on Monday with a 1-0 victory