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Tips to raising multiple babies


The triplets

Tending to a child comes with its challenges, let alone caring for twins, triplets, quadruplets and even more. It takes adequate care, attention and love to ensure your babies are comfortable.

According to Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib, a triplet mum and founder of baby care brand, Amal Botanicals, taking care of multiple babies’ starts from the moment you realise you are expecting them.


“At first, we thought having an older nanny will help with her experience, so we got one. But she didn’t stay too long because she wasn’t willing to take to our instructions, but it didn’t stop me from getting more help.

“So, it is important you get help, including family especially those who are willing to listen and adhere to your instructions.

“We had both, family (my younger sister and my mother in law) on the ground to assist and care for the babies. We needed as much help and support as possible, being that the triplets were our first children. We recommend both families and helps for maximum support to ease off stress from the mother especially.


“As my kids grew into toddler hood, it was really a tough one for us, initially as two of our babies had digestive difficulties which led to having surgeries done to correct that in their first few months, but aside from that they blended well with routines; we didn’t have issues with their sleep patterns and I this is because we managed it properly, as they are put to bed at the same.

On her experience grooming her triplets in the first three years of their lives, Shuaib who is also a chartered accountant, noted that it was an overwhelming and also awesome experience.

“I already feel like I miss those times when they were very little and couldn’t move around. It is funny how you feel that you are so overwhelmed and the next minute you miss all the pressures it comes with.


Here are a few tips parents should also consider:
Ensure they are each other’s best friends because when the chips are down, they would know that they are there for themselves.

Have them on the same sleep schedule, this means that from bath time to rocking them to sleep with the lights dim will help you rest more, so you don’t have to deal with one child while the others are asleep.
It is important to treat them the same even though each child has different personalities.


Encourage them to play together, this will create a bond and further cultivate their individual interests.
You should also pack them the same lunch and encourage them to eat together.

On her advice to new mums, Shuaib said, “I will advise a new mum of triplets to please ask for help as much as possible. She shouldn’t try to do everything by herself. Most importantly, it is only a phase; those tiny little humans will grow soon and pass that tiny stage. Take each step or phase one at a time and enjoy every moment with your babies.”

She added, “Mothers should please find time to take good care of themselves. I know how overwhelming and tiring it can be, but please do not lose yourself in the process. It’s only when you care for yourself that you can truly give care to your babies, and all will be fine sooner than you think.”


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