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14 Oct 2020
Wondering what Ayurveda is? It is a traditional Hindu system of medicine, incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Often, for glowing, young skin, natural skincare routine is always the answer. The Ayurveda…
11 Oct 2020
I’m sure you came into this conversation wondering the difference between acne and pimple? Well, it’s simple: Acne is a disease while a pimple is one of its symptoms. Acne is a skin condition affecting the hair follicles and oil glands. Under the skin, pores are connected to glands that produce an oily substance called…
8 Oct 2020
So many times, it has been advised to avoid the use of chemicals on your face. This is to avoid unnecessary breakouts that may be dangerous to your skin. However, there are some everyday home items that are beneficial and you will not need to break the bank to get. One of these items is…
14 Sep 2020
We all know how the pandemic has got us all looking like 'ninja turtle' because we need to wear face masks every single day. This has made some of us forget to do those girly things we used to do. Most people don’t look forward to using makeup anymore: even using a lip moisturiser is…
14 Sep 2020
Nothing is so fly as having the perfect eyebrow. Most people struggle with drawing their brows and sometimes, end up paying a lot for it. Your makeup cannot look chic without a perfect eyebrow. In order to avoid the constant struggle of drawing eyebrows, many have opted for the microblading option. Microblading is a form…
12 Sep 2020
TrucksPoint Logistics will be training over 1,000 Nigerian youths on agricultural value chain ranging from product sales, logistic, supply to end-users, as part of activities marking the 20th anniversary of Datapoint Microsystem, its parent company. Mr. Lucky Uduikhue, Managing Director, Datapoint Microsystems, said the training will be offered both online and physical and will cut-across…
7 Sep 2020
Everybody knows the advantages of eating well and getting all the necessary vitamins, preferably from natural products and not as supplements. Luckily, we can get almost everything through the food we eat. However, one important fruit that is important for the skin is the Kiwi fruit. The fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C,…
6 Sep 2020
The actress and entertainment entrepreneur, Monalisa Chinda-Coker, has announced her brand ambassadorial engagement with Beauty Secrets Skincare and Spa. The actress, who has dazzled the movie industry with her accent, inviting skin colour, salient projection, beautiful visage, and commanding carriage, revealed that the collaboration with the brand is a transition for the beauty industry in…
4 Sep 2020
Safety is key and wearing a mask is paramount during the pandemic, but it’s also cumbersome and can cause skin concerns, especially on the chins. We all understand how important and blissful it is to have smooth skin. Below are some tips on how to have a total smooth skin despite the use of masks:…
29 Aug 2020
Beyonce is celebrating her 25th year in the music industry since signing her record deal with Destiny's Child back in 1995. Despite changing her looks on a regular basis, embracing new hairstyles and dramatic fashion makeovers, the singer looks like she's barely aged a day. The pop superstar, 38, has put her ageless beauty down…
23 Aug 2020
Not only is she a music goddess, but Rihanna stands out as a black queen making serious money moves. From dropping hit songs to gathering awards and now building a million-dollar beauty company, Rihanna doesn’t take a break at all. What’s even more impressive is that she manages to maintain flawless skincare and beauty regimen…
29 Jul 2020
You walk to the lipstick aisle, trying to find the best lipstick for that party knowing how the last time, you looked funny with the nude lipstick you used. This time around, you just want to get it right, use the right lipstick and lipstick shade then flex on the ladies. Don't stress too much,…


57 mins ago
The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), on Tuesday, assured that Abuja, the nation’s capital remains the safest and most peaceful city in the country.
1 hour ago
Former footballer Ryan Giggs admitted Tuesday to being unfaithful in all his past romantic relationships but denied ever being violent towards partners
1 hour ago
Last year's aborted World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina will not be replayed, the two South American countries football associations said on Tuesday.
2 hours ago
Venus Williams and Naomi Osaka both exited the ATP/WTA Cincinnati Masters on Tuesday with straight-set, opening-round losses.
3 hours ago
SmartOffshore is an international startup that wants to revolutionize Nigeria’s maritime vessel charter.