Wednesday, 28th September 2022
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14 Jan 2020
So many things come out as a surprise, however, the news of your favourite youtube makeup star being a transgender is not just surprising, it is shocking and leaves you in absolute flabbergastation. Nikkie de Jager, a YouTube star better known as by her online persona NikkieTutorials, uploaded a very personal message to her fans…
22 Dec 2019
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. It’s almost that time of the year where the Christmas bells start to jingle ushering in the beauty that is the festive season. While you focus on getting your Christians dinner, gifts and outfits ready, you should also remember that your Christmas makeup look is very important.…
24 Nov 2019
Almost everyone can relate to buying skincare and makeup products and using every bit till the last drop to get your money’s worth. While this is very common, most people do not realise that these beauty products like others come with an expiration date and using them beyond that date is giving an open invitation…
17 Nov 2019
Skincare routines are often times hard to keep up with, especially if you have quite a busy schedule. Also, understanding the dos’ and don’ts when it comes to skin life is one thing many find hard to accommodate. As long as you breathe, your skin does too; which means it (your skin) has its own…
12 Nov 2019
When it comes to skincare, ladies are quite particular about not just achieving and even skin tone but maintain it as well. And for every need, a solution arises which can be noticed in the new found love for vitamin c based products. Why? Here are some reasons: PROMOTES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION Regular use of vitamin…
10 Nov 2019
Your eyes are the window to your soul and your brows are the chic curtains that not only shape your face but also give it structure. In fact, eyebrows are the beauty of every facebeat and the more on fleek they are, the more perfect your facebeat would turn out. However, drawing the right eyebrows is…
20 Oct 2019
People often become self-trained dermatologists once they come in contact with anyone having skin problems. And this can be really tiring especially when it gets to the point where they recommend some soap to a different type of cream they believe would work best. It is one of the many reasons why you should consider natural homemade remedies as a treatment…
5 Oct 2019
Last weekend, over 3000 creatives, entrepreneurs and guests attended SLAY Festival 2019, the largest learning and networking experience for young professionals in Lagos, Nigeria.
28 Sep 2019
Rose has been long admired for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, also water has been proven to flush out toxins from the body and help improve metabolism in the body. Rosewater is beauty magic that works wonder for your skin and can be used for many things but it is buzzier in skincare.  Benefits…
1 Sep 2019
Pores are small openings in your skin from which oil and sweat reach the surface from their respective glands. The two types of pores: oil and sweat ensure that your skin maintains a healthy balance and outlook. It is important to note that one’s pore size is dependent on genetics and helps maintain healthy skin.…
28 Aug 2019
The Bible says A woman’s hair is the crown of her glory. It is often argued that women look more appealing when their hair is made or well arranged. When a hair looks great, it adds confidence to the carrier and attracts more attention from the male folks. While picking out a hairstyle, three questions…
24 Aug 2019
If you are a skincare enthusiast, you may have probably heard about skin fasting. Just like food fasting, skin fasting is a fast-growing beauty trend where a person avoids every kind of skincare products such as lotions, toners, serums, cleansers and so on.


1 hour ago
Presidential Candidate of Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi has promised to end insecurity, poverty and unemployment in Nigeria if elected in 2023.
1 hour ago
Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has urged religious leaders to stand for truth, justice and equity and push politicians to do the right thing.
2 hours ago
US President Joe Biden appeared Wednesday to believe that a congresswoman, whose death he had marked with a statement in August, was in the audience of a Washington event on food that she had helped launch.
3 hours ago
Monster Hurricane Ian walloped Florida on Wednesday, pounding the southern US state's coast with extreme wind and rain, and causing "catastrophic" flooding from destructive storm surges.
3 hours ago
Wall St Should Look to Adapt to Crypto, Not the Other Way Around VICTORIA, Seychelles, 28 September 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, the top 3 crypto exchanges in the world by web traffic, has called for the traditional markets to embrace the change being driven by crypto. Speaking at the Pantera…