Wednesday, 8th December 2021
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13 Nov
If there is any dress that fits women of all ages and shapes, it is a jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, if worn correctly, a jumpsuit can really elongate your frame and be one
5 Sep
Hey girl, it’s a new week again. Are you going to tie your hair into that boring bun? Now, this is no hate for buns worldwide, but as a woman of colour with curly or kinky hair, your options may seem limited to the high bun and the low bun. That’s why you need to…
21 Aug
When it comes to wigs, most women know the golden rule: always keep it dry. Ideally, water would not damage your wig, whether synthetic or human hair; except when it contains chlorine
18 Jul
Your hair is the first thing we notice when people see you, then your shoe. Your natural hair will only tell your history whether black or white and they are determined by genes and environment. In this article, however, you will see what your hair says about personality and this is basically through your hairstyle,…
27 Jun
Are you thinking of booking your first Brazillian wax session but looking for tips on what to expect? You have come to the right place. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know before your first wax session, from prepping to post-wax treatment. Grooming remains an essential part of skincare, but there’s also no shame…
2 Jun
The HAMS (Hair, makeup and skincare) Beauty Fair aimed at bringing people together to celebrate beauty, featuring about 100 leading beauty brands,
25 Apr
If you find your scalp itching way more often than normal, and washing with shampoo doesn’t seem to make a difference, the reason may be dead cells on your scalp or the accumulation of left-over products. Though shampooing your hair is a necessary procedure for maintaining hair hygiene, doing a detox takes a step further…
21 Feb
Caring for natural hair can be a struggle, especially since you already know that natural hair care doesn’t end with just washing and conditioning. Dryness split ends, and loose curls are also signs that your hair might be protein deficient. While natural hair contains protein structures, environmental conditions, exposure and product build-up could cause the…
20 Feb
Braids are a fan favorite amongst every woman, young or old. If you’ve ever gotten the beloved protective style installed, you know how much of a timesaver it can be
15 Feb
Tessica Brown, the woman who used Gorilla Glue on her hair is donating £14,000 ($20,000) to charity after a doctor removed the adhesive from her hair for free. She used the glue when she ran out of hairspray one morning and quickly went viral when it would not wash out. In a bid to remove…
11 Feb
Tessica Brown, the woman whose hair has been Gorilla Glued for more than a month, finally has sweet relief as her hair is finally loosened and free from the glue. On the 4th of February, Tessica came on social media to talk about how she used Gorilla Glue meant for hard surfaces, wood, and metals…
6 Dec 2020
Removing facial hair can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable. This is because sometimes these facial hairs grow as fast as they are cut off, and unfortunately, many people struggle with it. Compared to other body hair, facial hair is often less coarse and lighter coloured. Removing the hair from your lip, brows or chin is…


55 mins ago
The planned nationwide broadband deployment is being threatened by the slow takeoff of the licenced Infrastructure Companies (InfraCos), despite a longer tenor and cheaper licence costs...
1 hour ago
The African Union (AU), yesterday, called for an urgent end to travel restrictions imposed on some of its member states, saying the measures effectively penalise governments for timely data...
1 hour ago
In a rare and bold move, President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, approved the immediate sacking of the management of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) following industrial action...
1 hour ago
Real Madrid will go through as group winners to the Champions League last 16 after Toni Kroos and Marco Asensio each scored in a 2-0 win over Inter Milan on Tuesday.
1 hour ago
Robert Lewandowski was unconvinced by Lionel Messi’s tribute towards him at last week’s Ballon d’Or ceremony, as the Bayern Munich star labelled his rival’s comments ‘empty words’...