Thursday, 2nd February 2023
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9 Oct
As no two hair patterns are alike, it is necessary to know the porosity level of your own to get the most out of your hair routine. In other words, understanding the porosity of your hair is the first step in managing your specific hair type with the proper product regimen, so you get beautiful…
15 Sep
Natural hair, by definition, hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. Pressed hair may still be considered natural because once washed
20 Aug
An innovative blue-collar online market source,, has unveiled plans to empower 36 million Nigerians with capacity-building certifications necessary to connect artisans to customers,
8 Aug
Long covid sufferers have experienced a wider set of symptoms than previously thought including hair loss and sexual dysfunction, new research has found.
13 Nov 2021
If there is any dress that fits women of all ages and shapes, it is a jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, if worn correctly, a jumpsuit can really elongate your frame and be one
5 Sep 2021
Hey girl, it’s a new week again. Are you going to tie your hair into that boring bun? Now, this is no hate for buns worldwide, but as a woman of colour with curly or kinky hair, your options may seem limited to the high bun and the low bun. That’s why you need to…
21 Aug 2021
When it comes to wigs, most women know the golden rule: always keep it dry. Ideally, water would not damage your wig, whether synthetic or human hair; except when it contains chlorine
18 Jul 2021
Your hair is the first thing we notice when people see you, then your shoe. Your natural hair will only tell your history whether black or white and they are determined by genes and environment. In this article, however, you will see what your hair says about personality and this is basically through your hairstyle,…
27 Jun 2021
Are you thinking of booking your first Brazillian wax session but looking for tips on what to expect? You have come to the right place. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know before your first wax session, from prepping to post-wax treatment. Grooming remains an essential part of skincare, but there’s also no shame…
2 Jun 2021
The HAMS (Hair, makeup and skincare) Beauty Fair aimed at bringing people together to celebrate beauty, featuring about 100 leading beauty brands,
25 Apr 2021
If you find your scalp itching way more often than normal, and washing with shampoo doesn’t seem to make a difference, the reason may be dead cells on your scalp or the accumulation of left-over products. Though shampooing your hair is a necessary procedure for maintaining hair hygiene, doing a detox takes a step further…
21 Feb 2021
Caring for natural hair can be a struggle, especially since you already know that natural hair care doesn’t end with just washing and conditioning. Dryness split ends, and loose curls are also signs that your hair might be protein deficient. While natural hair contains protein structures, environmental conditions, exposure and product build-up could cause the…


3 hours ago
Youth leadership initiative will provide funding, mentorship and resources to youth-led organizations working to end NTDs in their communitiesParticipants will receive grants and training to strengthen their capacity to engage in policy and decision-making spaces, and to position them as leaders in the movement to eliminate NTDsThe initiative will also cultivate a peer network of…
3 hours ago
Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed his interest in organizing a bout between former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua. Ngannou recently became a free agent in the world of combat sports after failing to renew his contract with the UFC and is expected to transition to boxing. The 36-year-old is already being…
3 hours ago
Bruno Fernandes has hailed Erik ten Hag's role in transforming the fortunes of Manchester United after the club secured a place in the League Cup final.
3 hours ago
Chelsea manager Graham Potter says he is excited by the challenge of getting the best out of a bloated squad after the Blues smashed spending records during the January transfer window.
3 hours ago
Bruno Fernandes has hailed Erik ten Hag's role in transforming the fortunes of Manchester United after the club secured a place in the League Cup final.