Monday, 6th December 2021
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Pastor Lazarus Muoka

11 Apr
The word light is coined from two Latin words, luc, lux meaning light and lucere meaning to shine. Light is something that makes vision possible. The sensation is aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors...
21 Mar
God has all the instruments of blessing as He created all things, including human beings at the same time. Power belongs to Him.
14 Mar
Everyone, particularly believers, ought to know that the next agenda on God’s programme is the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is referred to as the rapture of the Saints.
21 Feb
Master key, also known as passkey, is a security key specially configured to open every padlock, house door locks, car ignitions locks and doors generally.
31 Jan
God has made provisions of good things for the people that serve Him, both here on earth and in Heaven. Right from the time of creation of man, God has planned good things for man, to the extent that even when man derailed...
3 Jan
Every genuine Christian running the heavenly race with all his or her heart is going to have double blessing, because God is interested in their overall wellbeing and ready to give all things...
13 Dec 2020
Our Lord Jesus Christ is making a call to all men for the salvation of their souls. The Messiah, the Saviour of the world came at a time sin was ravaging mankind.
22 Nov 2020
Brother Stanley Ogbonna, who joined The Lord’s Chosen two weeks ago, hails from Ohazara, Ebonyi State is thanking God for using our G.O to restore his life.
1 Nov 2020
All the struggles of men in this world are geared toward emancipating themselves from the entanglement brought about by the influence of the enemies such as poverty, sicknesses, disappointment, barrenness, divorce and insanity, among others.
11 Oct 2020
Beloved, from all indications it is very obvious that the world has done its full circle and the only thing remaining is to fold up.
13 Sep 2020
There is no sin that can easily stain the glory of Christianity than covetousness or inordinate desire.
30 Aug 2020
Job was the greatest man in his days, but when Satan visited him, he lost everything in one day and was left with nothing.


16 mins ago
The Chairman, Zylus Group International, a property comperty, Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye, has canvassed flexible payment policy in addressing housing deficit and ensuring affordable housing in the country.
37 mins ago
A lecturer at the University of Lagos, Dr. Basirat Oyalowo, has identified participative co-production as the key to successful urban regeneration in the country.
1 day ago
When Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet virtually on Tuesday the two presidents will have to negotiate a history of mutual suspicion as they take up the urgent issue of a major Russian military buildup on the Ukraine border.
1 day ago
Pope Francis on Sunday returned to the island of Lesbos, the migration flashpoint he first visited in 2016, calling the neglect of migrants the "shipwreck of civilisation".
1 day ago
A US congressman is under fire for posting a picture of his family smiling and holding guns in front of a Christmas tree days after a deadly school shooting rocked the country.