Friday, 19th August 2022
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6 Jun 2019
Most pregnant women have a love-hate relationship with the scale, and this is quite understandable. After all, with pregnancy comes weight gain and it is wisdom to control it as much as you can.
16 May 2019
First, the ‘two red lines’ announcing conception. Then the unwanted feelings of nausea and morning sickness in a good number of pregnant women. Soon the waistline gets snug on most of your favourite dresses and finally, you don’t just need a new set of clothing, but also shoes, and possibly a temporary wedding band, no thanks to the all-round increase pregnancy brings.
2 May 2019
I saw a quote that said ‘labour and delivery are athletic events; you should prepare for them’. While I agree with it, I would more accurately say ‘labour, delivery and recovery are athletic events: you must prepare for them’. While the months preceding conception are a great time to start preparing for it, the 40…
29 Apr 2019
An international group of researchers has taken one of the first major steps in finding the biological changes in the brain that drive fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). New work using chaos theory to analyze brain signals, discussed this month in the journal Chaos, from AIP Publishing, shows the long-term effects. Researchers found that teenagers…
29 Apr 2019
Pregnancy women who are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution may give birth to babies with smaller heads, according to a review. Nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant produced mainly by vehicles, has been shown to affect the growth of the unborn baby in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Scientists said there is clear evidence…
18 Apr 2019
It is common knowledge that the last few weeks of pregnancy are the longest of them all. The pregnancy has gone on forever and you cannot wait to have this baby. What most moms, especially first-time moms, do not recognise is that it does not always get easier after the baby comes as each season presents its own challenges, but nothing is too much for a mom who is prepared for it.
12 Apr 2019
Research spearheaded by a University of Huddersfield lecturer has shown that pregnant women can lower the risk of stillbirth by sleeping on their side and NOT on their back. Now the finding forms part of official British National Health Service (NHS) guidance designed to bring about reductions in the number of babies who are stillborn…
4 Apr 2019
When it comes to pregnancy, the body does not just need more calories or food. A pregnant body needs nutrients in every single calorie that goes in. While we do not encourage pregnant women to eat for two, they should definitely nourish for two.
7 Mar 2019
Weight loss, a term many women are conversant with. You have either been on a weight loss journey, are presently on one, or will be on one in the near or far future. Societal pressure aside, sometimes a girl just wants to look good and feel great, nothing is wrong with it. Imagine being on,…
22 Feb 2019
Women who have a baby through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are more at risk of dangerous pregnancy complications. After fertility treatment, they have higher odds of suffering severe bleeding, sepsis and ending up in intensive care than women who conceive naturally. A study of almost 60,000 women found those who go through IVF are almost…
24 Jan 2019
Recently, a client who was excited about working out in pregnancy told me that she didn’t really find any doctors (in Nigeria) that would actively encourage you to work out while pregnant. Also information can be sparse for some women hoping to venture into the dreaded but highly beneficial world of prenatal exercising. As much as I can, I would try to cover the basics of what you need to know if you would like to safely workout in pregnancy Working out in pregnancy is safe for most women.
19 Jan 2019
To be candid with you, in as much you think she needs a break for now, I would advise you don't leave her, especially if this is the first time she is actually getting pregnant, as she might be experiencing some hormonal changes and since she has never experienced such, it could lead to emotional…


39 mins ago
Mr Yakubu Lawal, Nasarawa State Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism that was abducted by gunmen has regained freedom.
1 hour ago
A man was injured and a woman was in serious condition after a shooting in a shopping centre in southern Sweden on Friday, police said.
2 hours ago
South Africa's largest ethnic group, the Zulus, will on Saturday crown a new king following a year of feuding over who should ascend to the throne of the country's most influential traditional monarchy.
3 hours ago
NEW YORK, USA, 19 August 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Countries should consider giving a second COVID-19 vaccine booster to older persons, pregnant women, health workers, people with weaker immune systems and those at higher risk of severe disease, experts appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.  The recommendation comes in a statement issued by the Strategic…
3 hours ago
Some civil servants in the South East have called for the reform of the National Housing Fund (NHF) to make the agency meet up its mandate of housing provision.