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Prof. Mercy Olumide

11 Apr
God’s people who followed their own way instead of listening to God were really refusing to follow the way of the Spirit (see Gen 16:2).
9 Aug 2020
God explicitly prohibits “uncovering the nakedness of” (literally, a modern translation would be “having sexual relation with”) anyone who...
1 Mar 2020
Other methods we should take to confront and break the power that demons exert over us and others are by confessing the power of the cross and the efficacy of Jesus’ blood (Rom3: 25; Col2:15; Heb2:14-15; 9:12, 14; 10:12-14), by praying in the Spirit (Acts6:4; Eph6:18), by fasting (Mat6:16) and by driving out demons (Mat…
31 Mar 2019
For example, when Satan, evil spirits, or men are recorded as speaking lies to deceive, inspiration only records What was actually said.
26 Aug 2018
“Shepherd” cont’ Bad Shepherds Versus Good Shepherds Bad Shepherds: Take care of themselves; worry about their own health; rule harshly and brutally; abandon and scatter the sheep Good Shepherds: Take care of their flock; strengthen the weak and sick, search for the lost; rule lovingly and gently; gather and protect the sheep; give their best…
29 Jul 2018
This psalm, conceived in the mind of the Lord and inspired by the Holy Spirit, expresses His concern and diligent care for those who follow Him. They are the cherished objects of His divine love.
14 Jan 2018
(2) Divine worship is given to Christ (John 5:23; 13:13; 20:28; Mat 14:33; Luke 5:8), and prayers are addressed to Him (Acts 7:59; 1 Cor 1:2; 2 Cor 12:8-9). (3) Divine offices are assigned to Christ: (a) Creator of the universe (John 1:3; Col 1:16; Heb 1:8,10; Rev 3:14); (b) sustainer of all things (Col…


18 mins ago
The Italian Football Federation said Monday that it will be investigating a racist chant directed at Victor Osimhen by Roma fans during their goalless draw with Napoli at the weekend. The FIGC said in its statement that a "racially-motivated discriminatory chant" was aimed at Nigeria striker Osimhen, and that its disciplinary authorities would be conducting…
22 mins ago
Choosing suitable business PCs is no longer a simple thing— gone are the days of just ordering desktops for office workers and laptops for road warriors. The new reality of work means that things may not go back to "normal" for a while—and your teams need PCs that can adapt to in-office, at-home, and offsite scenarios, or a mixture of them all. Insights gotten from a survey carried out by PWC shows that ‘the success of remote work has reinvented how corporate work gets done and where work gets done. Therefore, by design or by default, most companies are moving toward mixed workplaces, in which large numbers of office workers shift in and out of offices set up for shared spaces.
1 hour ago
Amnesty International on Tuesday called on the United Arab Emirates to investigate what it said were racially motivated detentions and deportations of African migrant workers and for appropriate restitution.
1 hour ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has arrived Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ahead of the investment conference organised by the Future Investment Initiative Institute.
1 hour ago
Recently, PayPal announced that it would introduce its new crypto services to UK customers. The giant company announced that it completed the launch of the trading platform in the country and the customers would now be able to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin, using their PayPal accounts.  The company…