Saturday, 16th October 2021
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Tobi Awodipe

19 Sep
Precious Gaza has been instrumental in developing workshops for young digital entrepreneurs that are geared towards creating a better understanding of the mindset and business and how to sustain all round healthy business performance. In less than two years, she has trained, coached and taught over 5000+ individuals. A sickle warrior and advocate who seeks…
8 Aug
Regina Udalor is the producer of The Lost Café, a Nigeria and Norway co-production that has bagged many awards both home and abroad. In this interview with Guardian Life, she talks about her journey to becoming a filmmaker, changes she would like to see in the industry, and the challenges of shooting a film on…
21 Feb
Rimini Haraya Makama is a walking ground of possibilities. With extensive experience in technology policy, strategic communications, market expansion and business development, Rimini currently leads Microsoft’s global market expansion efforts for Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud), a part of the Microsoft Gaming organisation. Her impact in organisations earned her a place in the Forbes “20 Youngest…
27 Jun 2020
It have been a wet couple of days and while you may think this doesn’t affect your skin in any way, it actually does. Rain makes our skin oilier/drier (depending on your skin), irritates sensitive skin, triggers allergies and can cause fungal and bacterial skin infections.
4 Apr 2020
A Lockdown is not an easy thing to go through and we can either accept or resist it but we can all agree that accepting it is the best way forward. Everyone is locked up at home now and thinking of ways to kill boredom and if you want to uplift your mood easily...
6 Jul 2019
One of a woman’s greatest accessories is her hair, and a smart woman knows the potential it has to shape and influence her appearance.
25 May 2019
Animal print would always be a fashion staple, as it has always been in existence and is clearly not going anywhere. However, it can be a little tricky trying to figure out how to wear them .....
4 May 2019
The yellow colour was made for standing out and it is no wonder many style stars are turning to the hue to make a head-turning fashion statement.
23 Mar 2019
You must have been hearing about layering and might be afraid that it is another difficult fashion term, but fear not because layering simply means putting good pieces together to create a significant style.
22 Dec 2018
The festive season is upon us, meaning that you’ve probably got several events, parties and shows to attend in the coming weeks. At this time of year, we all want to feel our best, and often, getting prepped and preened for a party is a great way to get a confidence boost.
5 May 2018
More than ever, it has become imperative that as a parent, you be the first and primary custodian of your child’s trust, in light of today’s jet set age. If they can trust you with the little things, you can be sure they’ll come to you with the big things.
31 Mar 2018
It is a few hours to the big day and for a lot of us that gave up meat, chicken, turkey and so on for Lent, you might have forgotten how these tastes, but not to worry...


2 mins ago
President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday will become the first French head of state to take part in commemorations of the massacre by Paris police of protesters at a rally 60 years ago against France's rule in its then-colony Algeria. The events of October 17, 1961 were covered up for decades and the final death toll…
21 mins ago
Radio station Urooj once teemed with journalists producing news bulletins, but since the Taliban came to town, Ebrahim Parhar sits alone, broadcasting hours of religious sermons. Parhar launched Urooj, which means "The Rising" in Pashto, in the western city of Farah six years ago, carefully selecting a diverse range of programmes for an audience long…
33 mins ago
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Friday recorded 167 new cases and two additional deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. This is contained in data released by NCDC on Saturday morning. The Public Health Agency said that with the new fatalities, the death toll from the virus in the country now stands at 2,769.…
1 hour ago
A thief in a tractor has led police on a destructive chase through suburban streets and onto train lines in Australia, after allegedly stealing motorbikes from a shopfront. Queensland Police released dramatic footage of the moment a farm vehicle ploughed into a motorbike store's window early Friday morning in Ipswich, west of Brisbane. According to…
1 hour ago
Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has given reasons why he created three metropolitan authorities outside the conventional local government administration.