Saturday, 4th December 2021
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23 Jan 2018
Khadija Hassan who lost two of her children, in a fatal accident that occurred along Kano/Zaria Express Way on February 2014, has demanded for N100m compensation from Dangote cement. Dangote Truck, driven by one Uzairu Iliyasu allegedly killed the deceased when he hit the rear of the Honda Civic Car with Reg. AT 89 FGE,…
21 Jan 2018
An Iraqi court said Sunday it had condemned to death by hanging a German woman of Moroccan origin after finding her guilty of belonging to the Islamic State jihadist group. She is one of hundreds of foreign jihadists held by Iraqi authorities, who in December announced the defeat of IS after a gruelling three-year battle.…
8 Jan 2018
A man in India has claimed he was kidnapped, threatened and forced to marry a woman against his own will. Authorities in India’s eastern Bihar state were looking into the kidnapping of 29-year-old Vinod Kumar, whose family said he was taken when he went to attend a friend’s wedding and was forced to marry a…
27 Dec 2017
Roots and Blossom Productions’ description of Ese Brume’s performance of My Nina Simone Trip as “a hallucinatory journey of the loves, passion, pain, anger and complexities of the inimitable music, art and life of Nina Simone, written and performed by international award-winning actress and vocalist Ese Brume, a lifelong fan of Nina Simone” aptly sums up…
24 Dec 2017
In her determination to support her husband, Dame Mrs. Edith Nkemakolem Okowa launched her pet project, the 05 Initiative, shortly after he took up the reins of government in 2015. She reasoned that a woman must be up and doing, instead of just sitting down in one place and being addressed as First Lady. She…
17 Mar 2017
The global movement to give meaningful improvement to the circumstances of the female sex has, indeed, gathered a most remarkable momentum! Thinking positively, it is definitely leading somewhere good.
12 Jul 2016
Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like without the sight of a woman in it. The Razzmatazz, beauty, 'busyness', and all--little wonder God made things the way they are. To all men out there-especially the married ones, it must have always been a mind boggling task to woo the lady of your dreams…given that the…
2 Jul 2016
Most times, for the high-achieving independent woman people think she’s an overly picky, extreme feminist who hates men. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
14 May 2016
Some persons suspected to be Fulani herdsmen struck yesterday at Illah in Oshimili North Council of Delta State and beheaded a woman.
1 Apr 2015
A former factory worker who founded a company supplying Apple, Samsung and other technological giants with touchscreen glass has become China's richest woman, reports said, with a fortune surpassing $8 billion.


1 hour ago
As COVID-19 continues to ravage humanity across the world, Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire has stressed the need to strengthen Nigeria’s health security architecture to ensure that the nation is prepared at all times to detect and respond effectively to new variants and other epidemics.
1 hour ago
Anna Ekeledo is the Executive Director of AfriLabs, a network organisation of over 300 technology innovation hubs spread across 49 African countries, which helps develop programmes and build partnerships that support African innovation hubs and other stakeholders...
1 hour ago
Within Nigeria’s crop of disc jockeys, Patrick Imohiosen is the gentlest one can ever meet. “Would you like something to drink,” he asked, calmly offering this reporter a seat. Across his tee shirt and baseball cap, the inscription ‘Greatness’ lay boldly.
1 hour ago
If James Okapara were to review the choice he made a month ago in a bid to bring his ailing mother back to life, there is no doubt, he will avoid anything that has to do with online loan apps and whatever it represents.
1 hour ago
“This is Cinema that wears its influences on its sleeves. Eyimofe is that rare thing.” When the New Yorker spoke about this new flick from the fraternal duo, Chuko and Arie Esiri, it was evident that the film was something beyond just entertaining.