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‘Every Woman Is A Queen, Potential First Lady’


Tolulope Tunde-Ajiboye is a dynamic speaker and founder of Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM), a for-purpose ministry that is focused on supporting women to discover and live in the reality of being all that God has called them to be.

With the Platform , she organizes conferences and seminars for young women particularly between the ages of 22 and 40 for the purpose of knowledge impartation and spiritual nourishment.

This she targets to aid them live up to their full potential and contribute their quota to transforming the societies and the world at large,discussing practical issues that might not be talked about in typical religious settings, as they get mentored and listen to older/thriving women’s true stories of how they have attained their success and significance in their respective fields.

The graduate of Computer Science from University of Ilorin, Kwara state and the Rhema Bible Training Center, Abuja, speaks to IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA about her forthcoming conference, new book and her passion for inspiring the female folk.


What stands this year’s ‘Thrive’, event organized by your Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM) out?
This Thrive event connotes where God wants every woman to be, but the enemy has sold a lie to God’s children that makes them bow their heads in shame, bury their dreams in fear and give excuses for not living in the fullness of life they have been called to.

The enemy has held back God’s children from living the fullness of life that God has called them to. His greatest weapons are feelings of insecurities – a subordinate of fear of the unknown. It exhibits itself in the unnecessary feelings of not enough and not being able to fit in.

For too long, our definition of living the Christian life has been to live by a set of rules, bound by a strong line of Dos and Don’ts. We are too blinded by religion. Religion tells you all that is wrong with you but forgets to hand you the manual to fix it. It makes you believe you were not called to live that life you desire to live. It makes you lie to yourself that God forgot to include your name in the list of the select few that should live life to the brim.

You tell yourself every now and then that those that God uses are completely different from you, you are not worthy, and so you quit trying.

This has been one of the enemy’s greatest deception for God’s children and truth is, I have been in this place where I doubted my call, where I second guessed my ability to do ministry, where I remained seated in my brokenness for the fear of being judged.


At the Thrive Conference, attendees will be receiving instructions that will liberate and they will also be impacted with power to go into the world and Thrive in all the mountain of the society’s God has called them to. The conference will hold on June 8, at the Thought Pyramid Art Center, Abuja, while speakers expected at the event include Laju Iren, Raquel Daniel, Debola Deji- Kurunmi and Toyin Poju- Oyemade.

In your years of gathering women together to discuss Feminine issues, how would you access the impact on attendees?
I will say the meetings have been very impactful.

My weekends are usually packed now because of invites I get from attendees who are starting something big they had always nurtured but didn’t have the courage or know- how to start until attending our conference. It also gladdens my heart to see how network and godly alliances have been formed. Last week, there was a collaboration between an event planner and different vendors, most of them met through our platform.

You recently wrote a book, Undaunted, who is it targeted at and what’s your desired impact?
We are actually launching Undaunted at Thrive Conference. It is my first book and it is targeted to everyone who is tired of excuses and are willing to embrace their journey and remain Undaunted: not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment , until all that is in them is birthed to life.

Recently in the FCT where this event is holding, women alleged to be prostitutes were arrested and detained, how will you describe the treatment meted on women in our society?

It’s really sad and it breaks my heart. First is why would a woman resolve to selling her body to make ends meet. I understand that life can be hard, but giving out one’s body in exchange of money shouldn’t be a resolve. That woman who is being paid for sex is a queen, a potential First Lady, but in ignorance trades her body for sex. However, the arrest and harassment isn’t the way forward. We never heard anything about the men who patronised them.

What key message do you have for the women folk especially with living a fulfilling life?
Give yourself the permission to live Undauntedly. We only start living when we step out of the shadows of fear into a realm of actions. You cannot keep running from fear; the more you run, the faster it would catch up with you. The best way to confront fear is to face it head on, uproot it from your path and simply walk over it. Overcoming fear is best done in an atmosphere overwhelmed with love and God’s presence.

What is your philosophy of life?
My philosophy about life is nothing is unachievable for the one who believes and works at it.

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