Monday, 25th September 2023

GW Fiction

19 Mar 2016
Emeka and I had a beautiful relationship. We were young, ambitious, full of life, good looking and so in love!
14 Mar 2016
“Is it not this client I went to see at V.I…dude was just stripping me naked with his eyes. We could not accomplish anything because he was preoccupied with my chest.”
12 Mar 2016
The umbrella company is Green Tag limited; it has different units with different brand names. Our wellness business, which includes spa, gym, and saloon, bears green leaf. The other arm of the business...
12 Mar 2016
A couple of days ago I was stepping out in the morning and my Sister said to me I looked very nice. I was feeling cool with myself so you can imagine how I easily gave in to her idea of wearing a waist trainer! Well...
11 Mar 2016
The fourth edition of the African Movies Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) took place last week at the Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos and it is safe to say that the celebrities came to slay and slay they did.
7 Mar 2016
“No…please, don’t say anything more. Thanks. Goodnight.” I sit horrified in the middle of the bed for a long time. I have feelings for Naden?
5 Mar 2016
The last couple of days have been so emotionally draining for me. After the mail from Emeka the other day, I couldn’t go back to sleep and TK has been working so hard I didn’t want to disturb him with my restlessness so I decided to go downstairs and watch TV.
5 Mar 2016
Admittedly, it is tempting to put one’s leg up and let the others do the work this time; we tend to agree, too, because a mother is one whose role is round the clock without rotation or rest as the cook.....
3 Mar 2016
LEKKI LAGOS NADEN’S APARTMENT The house was dark, save for the light from the television. It was hard to tell that dawn broke over the city five hours ago and that a sun from which a scorching heat emanated was high in the sky outside. On one of the sofas of the living room, a…
22 Feb 2016
NADEN The house feels different. I walk through it with a curious sense of detachment that is hard to shake. I start from my room where my bags stand obediently across the bed like soldiers called to attention, three weeks worth of used and unused clothes inside them and head with purpose to the kitchen…
15 Feb 2016
ANGELA It is early, far too early in the morning to be plotting and scheming for the young girl whose plight has continued to haunt me for the time I have been in this town, yet it is all I have been doing for the past one hour. Naden is sleeping at the other side…
13 Feb 2016
Oh joy!…it’s the last Sunday of the month, and even you knows what that means – dinner at the Kensington Villa! I didn’t get lucky this month, the Duchess was very much in town and her fangs were out in full display.


1 hour ago
  IHS Towers, one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure providers in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East by tower count, has emerged as one of the biggest winners of the Tech Innovation Awards (TIA) 2023, held at the Oriental Hotels, Lagos. IHS won in three categories of the awards emerging as the ‘Telecom Infrastructure…
2 hours ago
A small child and two other people were found dead Monday after a sewage-polluted river swollen by heavy rains swept away precarious homes in the Guatemalan capital, authorities said.
4 hours ago
A successful tactical operation carried out by the Ogun State Police Command has led to the arrest of notorious cultists in Ogun State.
5 hours ago
Victor Osimhen has reportedly apologised to Napoli head coach Rudi Garcia following a spat on the touchlines during Sunday’s 0-0 draw away at Bologna.
5 hours ago
NAIROBI, Kenya, 25 September, 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Today we’re honored to announce that our popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has achieved a remarkable milestone: 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This incredible achievement is a testament to the browser’s widespread popularity and the trust it has garnered from users worldwide.  We first launched Opera…