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How much worse can it get?

By Diamond Woman
03 September 2016   |   2:55 am
I can’t remember ever being as scared as I was watching TK and Emeka roll dangerously in the parking lot. My scream had attracted attention to the scene and I was vaguely aware of the crowd that gathered.


I can’t remember ever being as scared as I was watching TK and Emeka roll dangerously in the parking lot. My scream had attracted attention to the scene and I was vaguely aware of the crowd that gathered. Two security men went towards them and tried to pull them apart. TK was on top and so they lifted him up first. The expression on his face was that of raw anger. We waited for Emeka to stand up…nothing! He wasn’t moving and I stood there frozen in fear. Was he badly wounded or worse was he dead? My gaze met TK and while he tried to appear calm, I could see he was scared too. Eventually, someone from the crowd that had gathered around us stepped forward.

Stranger: Step aside, I am a doctor. He said. He went towards Emeka and felt his pulse. Stranger: He is breathing and there is no trace of blood. He must have hit his head and passed out. We need to rush him to the hospital and make sure he doesn’t have a concussion.

The crowd started murmuring. I looked behind me and that was when I became aware of the number of people who had gathered, taking pictures and passing side comments. A well-dressed man, who turned out to be the manager of the restaurant, made his way to the front and went straight to TK. Manager: Sir, we need to go to the nearest police station and write a statement because we are not sure of the extent of his injuries. TK: Good Evening. I believe you know who I am.

On realizing who TK was, he said Manager: Sorry Sir. I didn’t know it was you. We need to get you out of here right away, if there is any need to contact you, we will be in touch. TK headed towards his car. He paused and looked back at me. Was he honestly going to leave Emeka lying there not knowing how badly he was injured? I saw the enquiring look on his face… was he expecting me to leave with him? How could I? I looked him right back in the face and remained frozen on the spot. He got the message because the next thing he said was: TK: I’m done! With that he jumped into his car and drove off.

Emeka was carried into my car and we headed to the hospital. The doctor that had intervened had volunteered to take us to the hospital where he worked which wasn’t too far off and check on him himself. When we got to the hospital, I had to fill out all the information I could about Emeka and paid for his registration and consultation as I did not know who to call. Eventually, the doctor emerged from the emergency room where Emeka had been rushed to. Doctor: Good news. It’s nothing serious; he hit his head and blacked out. No signs of a concussion. He is actually awake now but he has a nasty bump on the back of his head and I would like to keep him here through the night just to be safe.

I was so relieved! Now I could go and sort out things with TK since Emeka was ok. Doctor: Would you like to see him? Me: No thank you doctor. I have to go to my husband. Doctor: I thought he was your husband. Me: No he is not. As I walked out of the compound, my phone rang. It was Linda. I ignored the call but she kept calling so I eventually picked because I figured it was important. Me: Linda I can’t really talk right now. Linda: Where are you Anjola? Me: I am in VI. Why?
Linda: Please come to my house. It’s urgent. I told her I was on my way but I headed home instead. I needed to sort things out with TK. Adamu the gateman still won’t let me in based on TK’s instructions. I was trying to reach TK on the phone but Linda started calling again so I went to her house. Linda: Anjola! You don’t listen! How could you let it get to this?

Me: Get to what? What are you talking about? She handed me her phone, on her screen was a blog post on one of the most popular blogs. It read: “Lagos Big Boy Tokunboh Ayo-Kessington in brawl with wife’s lover” The post went on to describe how TK had beaten my lover into a coma and how I had left with my lover and not TK and of course there were pictures. One where TK was looking scruffy, one where Emeka was lying on the floor and of course one of me looking helpless and confused. The post had already generated about 300 comments, most of them calling me a slut and a few women announcing their availability to be TK’s new wife after our imminent divorce.

There was no going back, after this my marriage was definitely over. I didn’t know what to say. The only thing I could think of was the possibility of losing my daughter. Me: Oladunni. Linda I need to get my daughter. Linda: With this new development, I am out of ideas. I don’t know what to say, this is going to be all over the internet and tabloids by tomorrow. As we sat there confused, Senator Okonkwo; Linda’s husband walked in, when he saw the look on our faces, he asked Linda: Senator Okonkwo: Nkem, Kedu?O nwee ife mee n? (My own, how are you? Did anything happen?)

From my interactions with Linda, I had picked up a little Igbo, so I could make out his question but I couldn’t make out Linda’s response. From the look on his face when she was done talking, I could tell she had given him a brief summary of my dilemma and the Senator was obviously judging me. Senator Okonkwo: So where is TK now Anjola? Me: I don’t even know. The security guard won’t let me in. Senator Okonkwo: I would advise you go to someone you know your husband trusts and listens to and tell your side of the story. Me: Thank you. I thought of his best friend Ope…Banke’s brother. Then I remembered he had just lost his mum and probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind to deal with my drama. I couldn’t go to his parents or siblings … then it hit me! Apart from Oladunni our daughter who unfortunately was too young to intercede there was one more person TK probably loved more than any other person in the world…Bella his daughter! I thanked Linda and the Senator and made my way to Ikoyi.

When I got to Bella’s building the guard wouldn’t let me in so I told him I had a message from Mr. Ayo-Kessington. He called Bella on the intercom and afterwards escorted me to her doorstep. Needless to say, my meeting with Bella did not go well. She had seen the story on the internet and spoken to her dad who had told her his version. It was obvious whose side she was on, not that I blamed her.  She practically walked me out of her house and I felt very stupid as I had just made myself one more enemy. It was like everywhere I went, I just worsened my situation. The only thing I wanted more than anything was to hold my daughter; I had never been separated from her for so long.

The next morning I woke to a knock on my hotel door. It was TK with Oladunni and her nanny. Oladunni instantly started struggling to get into my arms. As soon as I held her I burst into tears. TK: She hasn’t been eating and has been constantly crying and I know it’s because she is missing you. I have decided she should not be punished for your indiscretions. As for the events of yesterday that are currently being splashed all over the internet and tabloids, my PR team is currently working on damage control, I expect you will lay low till it blows over. I will send for my daughter in a few days and for the record, Bella is off limits to you. The next time you go near her, you will regret it. I am watching you Anjola don’t do anything stupid while you are with Oladunni.

With that he turned and started walking away, I handed Oladunni to her nanny and ran after him. Me: TK please wait let’s talk. He turned towards me and I froze, the expression on his face frightened me. TK: I came back for you! I decided to believe you and give you a chance to save our marriage like you once did for me. I came back for you and you watched me leave and left with that man in front of all those people! Me: TK it wasn’t like that! I thought he was dead! Were we both supposed to leave him there with no one to identify him or make sure he was ok? TK: You watched me leave Anjola, and you chose him over me. You should have come after me. You have shown me where your loyalty lies and the whole world now knows too. You gave me a chance and I gave you one too…we are even and my conscience is clear. Me: TK, I love you. Please don’t do this.

He didn’t respond he just walked away and I felt my heart break into two…the pain was so much it was almost physical. Later that day, I got a call from the doctor treating Emeka . He told me he had discharged Emeka from the hospital and that Emeka had insisted the hospital refund all the money I had spent on his bills as he had paid the bill himself. I told the doctor I would come the next day to pick up the cheque, even though I had no intentions of doing so. I hoped the whole fiasco had marked the end of the Emeka saga. Unfortunately, some of the tabloids had discovered who he was and his name was now also splashed everywhere. The next day, I was in front of Oladunni’s school waiting to pick her up when a young man walked up to me. Stranger: Good Afternoon, Mrs. Anjola Ayo-Kessington? Me: Yes please.

He handed me an envelope and then said Stranger: You’ve been served. I didn’t have to open the envelope. I knew what it was. TK had filed for a divorce.
I had not seen or heard from TK since the day he dropped Oladunni off himself. He sent for Oladunni every few days and then sent her back to me for a few days. I was very worried about the effect the separation and eventual divorce would have on our daughter. The media fiasco had blown over but the aftermath hadn’t. My brother in America had heard about it, so had my aunt, so had Banke(even though she had just put to birth) and everyone I knew on the planet. I kept getting the “how could you” calls especially from people who knew my past with Emeka. Emeka…I hadn’t heard from him either but at least I knew he was okay.

The divorce papers kept staring at me but I hadn’t been strong enough to even read the divorce terms. I had been emotionally stressed and it was beginning to translate into dizzy spells and constant headaches. Linda who had been my pillar of strength was very concerned and insisted I go to the hospital, she was convinced the headaches and dizzy spells were a sign that my blood pressure was too high. Linda accompanied me to the hospital for a series of tests. I had gone to Linda’s hospital because I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be able to use the Ayo-Kessington family card when I got to the family hospital as I had usually done. While we waited for the test results I got a text from my Aunt Titi it read: “Anjola, please call me immediately”.

She had been trying to talk TK into taking me back, I figured TK had eventually told her he had filed for a divorce and she wanted to talk to me about it. I ignored the text making a mental note to avoid her phone calls till further notice. Eventually, I was motioned into the consultation room. Doctor: Mrs. Ayo-Kessington congratulations. He didn’t have to explain. Reality hit me one brick at a time. I had gone off the pill after TK found my hidden stash and we had made love in his office the day I went to confront him about Bella. I remained quiet but he went ahead to confirm my suspicions. Doctor: You are pregnant.