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The truth… Do we lie?

By Mary Alade
18 June 2016   |   4:33 am
Is there a liar within you? According to Bella Depaulo, Ph. D, author of lie spotting, she claims that “we are lied to between 10-200 times in just one day… “


Is there a liar within you? According to Bella Depaulo, Ph. D, author of lie spotting, she claims that “we are lied to between 10-200 times in just one day… “

We find it so much easier to point fingers at others than at ourselves. For example, when we read about political and corporate scandals or hear, or get told about something someone has said or done … we have made comments such as “she, he or they are liars”… right?

Sometimes you may think or believe your lie to be a tiny harmless one, and that all you are doing is bending the truth a little… No matter how you try to justify it, the truth is, if we are being honest, that at some point we almost all lie to some degree at any level, on any platform.

It is not just about “those” who make the headlines, but also you. Try consciously for one day to listen and watch yourself and I bet you’ll see and hear how often you lied in just that day alone, having been dishonest not only with others, but also with yourself.

The truth is that we all have lied at some stage in our lives. So, as you point fingers and judge others, recognize your own lies too, and just how rampant they can be during your day. Work on training yourself not to, although perhaps this is easier said than done.

Would you not prefer to be honest with yourself, and feel much happier and more peaceful within you, dealing with issues honestly rather than merrily blaming someone else albeit a friend, a work colleague, the government, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your spouse, your partner, or even the media for that matter? …. Just a little food for thought

Lying Impacts on Health…. and Confidence.
According to Dr. Deirdre Lee Fitzgerald, PhD, a professor of psychology said “Research has linked telling lies to an increased risk of cancer, increased risk of obesity, anxiety, depression, addiction, gambling, poor work satisfaction, and poor relationships.”

Have you actually stopped to think about how lying could have an impact on your health and confidence emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically? I bet such a thought has not crossed your mind.

All the tiny lies that fill our days, for example, you tell your colleague you have completed the report, but forgot it at home and can’t print out a copy because you worked on it with your home computer, when truthfully, it’s because you haven’t actually finished it, or perhaps not even made a start on it. Maybe, you tell your partner that you’re on your way home, when actually you are still working on some stuff at the office. Perhaps you tell your partner that you are on your way home and stuck in traffic when actually you are having a quick drink with colleagues. It could be you tell someone you tried to phone them, but truthfully, you made it a point to phone at a time you knew they would be unavailable to take the call. Harmless you might say right? But are they?

Lying generates both emotional and physical issues. Many a time the problems feed into each other, however, most times you will discover it is a combination of both. This can be rather taxing on you as you are now forced to feed into a cycle of lies that become harder and much more difficult to keep track of; hence leading to long term exposure to stress, a decrease in your longevity and possible serious health issues.
When you lie to avoid dealing with emotions and problems, you are only allowing the same issues to occur and worsen, making for more emotional work which in turn could lead to you feeling anxious and possible depression.

Can your emotional health survive? Do you feel good about yourself and like what you see in the mirror? Have you now reached the point of a shattered self-esteem? Truth is… lying is only the option you have chosen for an easy way out in many an instance.
Lies could create a distance, sometimes irreparable, between you and the other person and in some cases you may damage your relationships as it could hurt the trust.

All lies, little ones or not, including the ones you hide, all have a part to play that affect and in some instances, damage your self confidence and health when it comes to being honest. Being truthful is about what you believe, think and consider is worthwhile saying.