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Hell on Earth

By Diamond Woman
11 June 2016   |   1:48 am
The ride to hospital that day was quite eventful. I had seen TK happy, I had seen him sad even angry but I had never seen him scared.


The ride to hospital that day was quite eventful. I had seen TK happy, I had seen him sad even angry but I had never seen him scared. He was obviously really worried he kept cussing at the driver and everyone on the road and I think he was even more frustrated because he couldn’t smoke…LOL.

He took me to his personal hospital and when he was asked who I was, I heard him say “My fiancée”. I was going to protest that I hadn’t officially said yes but I was too weak to argue. I felt a needle prick in my arm at some point and totally blanked out for a while. When I woke up later, TK was sitting in the chair beside me with his laptop set up on a little table in front of him. Me: Hey.  I said with all the strength I could muster

TK instantly shut the laptop and came to sit beside me on the bed.
TK: Hey. How are you feeling now? You really scared me you know.
Me: I’m sorry. I feel better. I think the cramps in my tummy now are just a sign of hunger. TK: Lol…chop chop. What do you want to eat? Oh wait let me guess… pasta!

I smiled as I nodded; he was getting to know me. I did want to eat pasta.
TK: Ok I’ll get you pasta but let me get the doctor first.
The doctor came back with TK a few minutes later.

Doctor: Hi Anjola. My name is Dr Adebayo. It’s nice to meet you. Are you still feeling the pain? Me: No. I’m fine now. Doctor: Great! I need to ask you some questions. Would you like me to do that in private?
TK responded on my behalf.

TK: That’s my baby in there I am not going anywhere! Me: It’s ok Doctor. Please go ahead.
Doctor: What you experienced is a threatened miscarriage it’s a good thing Tokunboh got you here on time. Right now everything seems fine but

I don’t want you stressing yourself so I’m going to have to keep you here on bed rest for a day or two and also for observation. TK also told me you only recently found out about the pregnancy so I’m going to assume you are not taking any pregnancy medication yet. Am I right? I nodded.

Doctor: I will prescribe some, but first I need to ask some routine questions that would help me determine how you can best carry this baby to full term. The bleeding you experienced earlier was quite heavy and I suspect you may experience some spotting for a day or two. I need to know Anjola, is this first pregnancy? I had asked TK to stay because I felt I had no secrets and nothing to hide. It was at point I realized that I had never told him of my pregnancy for Emeka and the miscarriage. I was going to lie but I wanted to do what was best for the baby I didn’t want to hide useful information from the doctor and also if I was going to marry the man he might as well know everything. I eventually dropped the bombshell. Me: No its not.

The look on TK’s face went from shock to disbelief and then total rage. I could tell he was about to burst a vein.
Doctor: How long ago…. TK cut him off and said

TK: I’ll be outside when you’re done. With that he packed up his things and left the room.
I didn’t see TK again that night even though his driver came back with my dinner and a fruit basket. I tried calling him but he refused to take my calls. I eventually fell asleep and didn’t wake up till 8am the next morning. When I woke up there was someone sitting in the chair next to me? It wasn’t TK! It was his mother…the Duchess!

Me: Good morning Ma
The Duchess: Oh good! You’re awake finally. We need to talk and it can’t wait. I wondered how she knew I was there and why she had even been let into my room. Then it occurred to me that TK had obviously brought me to their family hospital and she could get away with whatever she did there.

The Duchess; I hear you claim you are pregnant for my son and he has decided to marry you. I came here to tell you that it is not possible, it will not happen and I won’t let it. I seriously doubt that baby is even his and if by some unfortunate turn of events that are his child you are carrying; I would not let him marry you. Adetokunbo has always had the tendency to sow his wild oats and fall for the most unsuitable women but it is my responsibility as his mother to always open his eyes when they are blinded by lust.

He is my first born, my first son and the one I will leave my fortune to and I will not let a girl with no family history, no pedigree, no proper breeding become his wife. His father Adebola is from three generations of wealth, I, on the other hand I am from six generations of wealth, title and influence. That is the pedigree I gave my children, you will not dilute our lineage with your commonness! I mean I made three phone calls last night and no one knew who your parents are, that’s just dreadful!

She paused. I was so speechless I just lay there staring at her…so she went on. The Duchess: Obviously you have nothing to say. So here is what I will do out of the goodness of my heart. I will ensure you and child are well taken care of whether it is Adetokunboh’s or not, all you have to do is to disappear and never try to him reach again.

She pulled out some papers from her bag and dropped them on the bed beside me. The Duchess:  Here! I had my lawyer draw this up last night. Sign these and I will have 20 million naira deposited into a bank account in your name before night fall and you can move on with the rest of your life. I couldn’t believe this woman was doing this to TK again what kind of mother did this! I was so confused and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t even sure TK still wanted to marry me after the revelation of my first pregnancy the night before.

It was a tempting offer.  I could easily take the money and start a quiet life in America. I would be around my brother and his family and Banke would be there. TK had made me no promises; he had never told me he loved me. He was not assuring me of a fairytale life. From all indication, he was only asking to marry me because he wanted to do the “right” thing. He had clearly told me he didn’t think marriage and monogamy were in the cards for him.

He was probably right; he was the sort of man that would cheat on his wife with her best friend six months into marriage, the sort of man that would date his PA.  Despite all his flaws, he was the father of my child and I was determined not to allow my child grow up without a father as I had done. I made up my mind I wasn’t going anywhere. I eventually said to the duchess: Me: I am not for sale, I cannot be bought and I do not intend to change my mind in this life or the next so do not bother asking me again.

The duchess laughed a deep hearty, scary laugh as she packed up her belongings. I watched her walk gracefully to the door, her intoxicating fragrance had filled the room and was obviously going to linger long after she left. The woman literally oozed wealth and elegance; before she walked out the door she paused and said.The Duchess: Get well soon Anjolaoluwa and welcome to hell.

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