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3 Signs You Need To Take Water ASAP

Ask any medical expert about the importance of water, and they will reel out tons of information to you. Even fitness experts will tell you how much dehydration can affect your workout routine. The truth is we need water for a lot of things and not getting water the instance you need it, may result in serious complications. The truth however is it may be difficult for you to know when you’re dehydrated and in quick need of water. Don’t fret, as we bring to you 3 things that show you need to take as soon as possible, not just for your health, but for your general wellbeing.

You Have Difficult Bowel Movement
There’s a link between feeling constipated and not taking water. Having enough water in your system will help your general bowel movement including helping waste move along your long intestines, down to your anus to be discharged. A lack of water may make it difficult for the waste accumulated from food to be moved along your system for onward discharge. This results in constipation and to avoid this, take as much water as is necessary – as soon as possible.

Your Urine is Very Yellowish
This one sounds quite gross doesn’t it? But the truth is if your urine has a deep yellow colour, it may be as a result of dehydration. The reason for this is that your urine is over-concentrated with waste and elements filtered from your kidneys. Taking water when you notice this can help to dissolve the waste, making it easy for them to be expelled from your body. A lack of body fluids may make it difficult for your urine to be expelled and this causes the over concentration of fluids to be excreted from your body. Simply take water to relieve the symptoms.

When You Develop A Quick Headache
The basic fact is that our bodies are constantly losing fluids and except you’re taking water up to 20 hours a day, there is no suitable replacement for the fluids you’re losing. The fluids our body loses also contains essential elements such as sodium and potassium. These essential elements are part of the chemicals that constitute the blood. The loss of these elements actually change the chemical constitution of the blood which may make your brain react in a super sensitive way to the change. The sensitivity of the brain to the loss of these essential elements triggers a headache. The more disturbing thing is that the headache will likely get worse with the amount of water your body loses (i.e the more water your body loses, the lesser your blood volume is) which causes less oxygen flow to your brain. The reduced flow of oxygen to your brain is accompanied with dilation of your blood vessels which may make the headache feel worse. So, if you’re having a nagging headache, you may want to consider taking a cup of water to rehydrate your body and relieve the headache.

Source: 360NOBS

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