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5 Tips To Break Through A Fat Loss Plateau

Fitness plateaus suck.

If you’re consistent with your workouts but stopped seeing results, you may have hit a workout plateau. Especially when you know your working hard in the gym and in the kitchen making sure doing everything right but you cant seem to budge that fat.

You workout a few times a week,right ? Your eating all the right things, Right? Your doing cardio, right? What more can you do ?

Often times all you need are a few minor tweaks to get you back on track, shedding fat and getting your six pack. Get back to the basics and jump start your fat loss this season with these tips all of which are guaranteed to work, within a few weeks, you’ll start seeing definition in your arms and midsection.

Stop overtraining
Are you trying to push yourself from beginning to end during every workout? If so, you might be experiencing a workout plateau because of overtraining. Signs of overtraining include muscle and joint pain, fatigue, an overall lack of energy, frequently catching a cold or flu, and headaches (different from what you might normally get). Why does this happen? Strenuous exercise causes your muscle tissue to break down. Your body must have adequate rest in order to rebuild and repair your muscles and achieve optimal results from your fitness program. To avoid overtraining, give your body a full week of rest after four to six weeks of intense exercise. Yes, sometimes less exercise (not more) is best to overcoming a workout rut.

Pump it up
On the flip side, an activity that isn’t challenging you probably isn’t going to yield your desired results. To inject some energy into your workout, sweat sessions like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or an ambitious circuit training class can be a valuable departure from your typical workout. You’ll also keep your mind and body stimulated, and target different muscle groups.


Consider getting a personal trainer
If you’ve tried everything to bust through your exercise plateau without success, consider enlisting the help of a personal trainer. Even if you can’t afford a trainer on a consistent basis, periodically scheduling a session with an expert can give you fresh ideas, improve your form, help you strategise to achieve your fitness goals, and hold you accountable to your workout schedule. Ask your gym about personal training packages, but know it’s also okay to use a Groupon or some other discount to try out a trainer.

Nutrition is key
The kinds of foods you eat could be halting your momentum. If you’re on a tight budget, try using a food diary to record how you feel after eating certain meals. Keep in mind, a few sessions with a nutritionist can also help you find the right blend of protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and carbs to create energy-packed meals and snacks to support your fitness goals.


Set realistic goals
Perhaps the most important way to achieve a new level of fitness is to keep things in perspective. First, find activities that fit your lifestyle and that you enjoy doing. If you hate running, that’s probably not going to be the exercise that promotes positive change in your life. Second, make realistic fitness goals. Before you push yourself too hard at a workout you’ve never tried before, start with a beginner class and learn the basics. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or modifications if something doesn’t feel right to you. Your goal is to overcome a plateau and enhance your fitness, not injure yourself or reach a state of burnout.

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