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Bad Habits Which Are Actually Good For You!

Growing up, we conform to the dos and don’ts of societal beliefs. There is a general consensus on what most people call bad habits, essentially practices deemed distasteful by society but what if some of those habits are actually good for you?



Of course gossiping is generally a ‘no no’, as it’s definitely not the nicest or kindest practice but believe it or not, it actually has some benefits.  Research shows that gossiping is a great way to bond and deepen friendships with whomever you are gossiping with (but probably not the person you are gossiping about!). While it helps in learning more about people and the situations around you, studies also show that some juicy gossip can release happy hormones, which in turn, reduce stress and anxiety.

Untidy rooms

Some people are naturally tidy while others find it so difficult to maintain a clean space. Even though we all aspire to be clean, if you’ve ever found yourself being extremely comfortable in an untidy space there’s good news! Messiness actually be oddly positive. According to a study published in Psychological Science magazine, scientists found that a messy environment can actually be great for creative thinking. While participants in a tidy room were more likely to donate money or choose a healthier food option in the study, those who were in the untidy environment were able to come up with more creative solutions to problems and think outside the box.


Chewing gum

Lots of kids get in trouble for chewing gum in class daily. In fact many shops around primary schools are advised not to sell chewing gum during school hours as the chewing is distracting and the sticky stuff ends up on floors and desks. Yuck! But did you know chewing gum apparently helps concentration? A study was conducted at St Louis University in Missouri, USA in which students taking a test while chewing gum excelled better than those who weren’t on numerous tests, particularly cognitive functioning.chewing gum 1














Biting your nails

What? Everyone knows biting your nails has dirty connotations and is also deemed as extremely unattractive. Anyone who has come across people who bite their nails can testify that it’s not a pretty sight! However, biting your nails allegedly helps to build up your immune system as it introduces germs to your body in small doses. So nail biting isn’t really as bad for your health as most people think, it just looks waaay unattractive!nail biting


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