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These DIY Peel-Off Masks Will Brighten Up Your Face Instantly

The peel off masks that we get commercially are very expensive and making them at home can give similar or better results and is cheaper as well! Below is an easy DIY for milk and gelatin peel off pore strips along with its benefits:

Face Mask. PHOTO: Getty Images

Egg-White Peel-Off Mask
This peel-off mask will leave your face looking and feeling younger.
What you need: 2 egg whites, Lemon juice, Tissue Paper

  • Mix the egg whites properly with lemon juice.
  • Apply mixture on the face and neck.
  • Place tissue on top.
  • Once dry, peel off mask.
  • Rinse off with cool water.

Honey-Pawpaw Peel-off Mask
Honey hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling soft, and pawpaw (or papaya) is known for its complexion-brightening properties.
What you need: quarter cup pawpaw juice, honey, tablespoon of gelatin powder

  • Dissolve gelatin powder into pawpaw juice and add a little honey to it.
  • Apply the mixture on your face and let it dry.
  • Peel off gently.

Orange Peel-off Mask
This mask will rid your face of dead skin and impurities. It will also give your skin a radiant glow to help you look younger and brighter instantly.
What you need: 5 spoons of fresh orange juice, 1 spoon of gelatin

  • Dissolve the gelatin properly in the orange juice.
  • Apply the mixture carefully on face and leave on until dry. (You will need to apply two coats to make it easier to peel off.)
  • Peel off.
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