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Three Ways Ginger Can Save Your Life

The Chinese and Indians have used ginger to treat ailments for over 4,700 years. Over time, ginger has become one of the most widely used dietary condiment in the world. It’s part of the turmeric and cardamom family and the health benefits of ginger are so extraordinary.

Here are three medicinal benefits of ginger;

1. Stroke and Heart Disease

When ginger is eaten along side other key superfoods such as garlic and onions, it creates an anti-blood-clotting ability, creating a powerful mainstay against heart attacks and stroke!


2. Indigestion and Nausea

Whether it’s curing a simple tummy ache or severe nausea, ginger has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid and natural remedy for nausea. It has recently been discovered that three capsules of ginger can help the stomach release its contents into the small intestines.

For people who are bloated or have constipation, it relaxes the smooth muscle in your gut lining and helps food move along throughout the system.

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3. Malabsorption

Proper food transport from the mouth out through your colon is the mainstay to health. If food gets stuck somewhere in between, it can rot or cause obstruction, which is life-threatening. Improper digestion can cause improper assimilation of nutrients in your food. both cause malabsorption. This is why ginger is important, it helps promote regular digestion and metabolism of your food, responsible for promoting a strong immune system.

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