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Treatments And Causes Of Snoring

Sweet dreams are everyone’s desire, but very difficult to acquire when you find it hard to breathe or your partner is snoring loudly all night. Snoring can disrupt your partners sleep. Snoring is the sound made when a person’s breathing is blocked, this is caused by tissues at the top of the airway that strike each other and vibrates.

Causes of snoring

Snoring can also be caused by sleep Apnae which is a serious sleeping disorder that is harmful to our health. It occurs when a person is tired but cannot sleep or wakes up gasping. In children, snoring can be a sign of problems with the tonsils and adenoids. Chronic nasal between nostril can contribute to snoring, Our beauty sleep impacts every aspect of our health and lifestyle. Good night rest gives us the strength we need to carry out our daily activates, it makes us look good and feel good. Lack of sleep makes the body weak, pale and unattractive.

How to reduce snoring

Fatique can cause snoring so therefore lose of weight can reduce it. Alcohol and sedatives should be avoided at bedtime. Smoking cessation can reduce snoring and also a lot of other health problems. Adequate exercise should be adopted to help develop good muscle tone. Different sleeping patterns should be established. Snorers are advised to sleep on their sides rather their back. Adults are advised to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night while teenagers and children should have 10 hours rest a day.



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