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What Works For Your Body Type

It is no secret that retail therapy is ideal for every woman, especially when she finds the right fashionable pieces but not when those clothes don’t fit right or compliment her shape. So how can we avoid such from happening? The only thing to do is to become one with our bodies and know what works best with our body types and compliments it. There are a couple of body shapes listed in this article, find where you fit in and learn what suits you.

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Pear Shape: For a pear-shaped body, hips are larger than the upper body, arms and shoulders are proportional and the waist is nicely defined. When dressing up and selecting outfits, you want to bring more attention to your waist so invest in fitted tops, or off-shoulder tops to accentuate your slender shoulders. You also want fitted skirts that will show off your hips.


Hourglass Shape: As the name implies, the hips and shoulders for this shape are proportional with an hourglass. Also, the bust is slightly bigger than the hips. The benefits of having this body shape include being able to pull off almost any outfit.

TIPS: A wrap or fitted dress should be a staple piece in your closet, with skinny jeans, wide cut pants and tops with a narrow V neck (it will help narrow your bust). Also tops that are nipped in the waist will enhance your shape a little more, especially when you wear them with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, boot cut pants and so much more.


Inverted Triangle Shape: The secret to finding what works for this body type is to balance your upper body with the lower body. The shoulder and chest are very broad, so you would need to find a way to balance them with your narrow lower body. To achieve this, learn to flaunt and bring more attention to your legs. Invest in A line skirts, midi flare skirts, wide leg pants, boot cut pants and cargo pants. Also wear dark coloured tops with a narrow V neck, to help narrow your bust, reduce the attention from your broad shoulders and chest, and focus more on your body as a whole.


Straight Body Type: For a straight body type, you have to try to create the illusion of proportion. Also, try incorporating a belt to your look to create some feminine curves. When shopping, look out for peplum tops and belts; these should be closet staples. The peplum top hides the straight shape and creates the curvy illusion you’ve been looking for. A belt also creates a little curves in your look, especially if you are looking to wear a fitted dress. Also add tops that are loose around the bust and off shoulder look to your closet to show off that cute shoulder of yours.


Oval Shape: An oval-shaped body has a full mid-section, an undefined waist, narrow hips, and a large bust. Basically, although you have a tendency to gain weight, your stomach is your problem area. To accentuate your shape, wear more tops that are fitted right under the bust and are flair at the bottom. This hides your problem area and can define the waist. The same style also applies to a dress. Wide legs and cargo pants are a must-have, as well as flare skirts. It would add a little curves to your hips.


Finding what flatters your body type is a journey, and once you discover what works for you, your style choices will only increase your confidence and create a better you. We all love looking good regardless of our body types and with these few guidelines, you would be a step further into discovering a new fashionable you.


Velma Williams is the Creative Director of Fashion Rehab (

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