Sunday, 5th December 2021
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7 hours ago
360-Degree Views of Others: Nobody knows you better than your friends, family and other people planted in your life. And when they tell you this is the finishing line, it might be great to listen
4 Jan
If you are someone who believes in the philosophy “company matters”, then you must choose the people in your life, very wisely. Often, the people we keep as a company either make us better or ruin our chances of being a better version of ourselves. Hence, it is important to be very selective of the…
24 Dec 2020
Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has taken to social media to advise on the need not to use social media as a measuring tool for the true worth of a friendship. The screen star stressed the need not to take relationships for granted as one needs to know there is a difference between social media friends…
29 Jun 2020
In one of his philosophical jottings, the great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, wrote on three types of friendship. Those based on utility.
8 Mar 2020
Faithfulness hinges on what we value most, combined with commitment. There is a powerful tendency for humans to remain very faithful to what they believe is highly important
3 Mar 2020
People may not say this often, but everyone loves to hear nice things.  A kind word involves taking the time to make other people feel special. Being kind is not the same thing as being a people pleaser. Have you ever been having a bad day when someone smiled at you, complimented you when you least expect it or hold a door open for you? These tiny acts can, and often do, turn your whole day around. Kindnesses such as these offer connection and warmth and remind us all we are in this thing called life, filled with all…
Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward
6 Dec 2019
Many of us long for a forever friendship especially when you use the catch phrase, 'best friends forever!' 89-year-old Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward found their forever friendship in the year 1941 when they were just 11. Since becoming friends, the duo have never lived more than 10 minutes away from each other and according…
5 Dec 2019
Nigerians are quick to jump on trends, even when it doesn’t quite add up and the fastest way to do so is via Twitter. The Nigerian part of this social media platform is always dishing out one new standard or the other, especially “relationship Twitter”. Not only will you learn new slangs, but you will…
22 Aug 2019
Just like every relationships, every friendship requires boundaries. Boundaries in friendship helps such relationship to be smooth, once friendship is one-sided, it becomes a burden. Below are some boundaries that should exist in friendship: Reciprocity A boundary that goes unchecked in many relationships is the non-reciprocal-benefits issue, someone who only contacts you when they need…
7 Aug 2019
When the emotions of two different people are involved, it becomes a dicey situation; one in which you must always thread with caution. However, committing ourselves to a monogamous relationship does not necessarily mean giving up the experience of being friends with people of the opposite sex when in a relationship. As a matter of…
21 Jul 2019
Friendship to so many is more important than romantic relationships because friends are expected to stick together through thick and thin. However, there is a thin line between having a friend you can keep forever and a friend you should discard. Some friendships over time becomes toxic and at times, you have to listen to…
30 Dec 2018
Many times, singers Waje and Omawumi have proven they are not about the unhealthy rivalry that goes on in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The two are not only colleagues but have served friendship goals on more than one occasion. Waje who recently released an album, "Red Velvet" in a chat with Sunday Scoop dished on her…


Dr Jonathan Obaje, a Nigerian Research Scientist based in Singapore, says since African Omicron discovery, global Clinic data has confirmed that variant of COVID-19 virus is less lethal than earlier variants.
2 mins ago
French far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is to hold his first official campaign rally at a stadium outside Paris on Sunday, with police on high alert over the risk of clashes with protesters.
30 mins ago
Gambians were waiting Sunday to find out the winner of the first presidential election in the tiny West African nation since former dictator Yahya Jammeh fled into exile, with incumbent Adama Barrow enjoying the advantage in partial results.
44 mins ago
Rescuers in Indonesia raced to find survivors in villages blanketed by molten ash Sunday after the eruption of Mount Semeru killed at least 13 people and left dozens injured, officials said.
56 mins ago
Police in Yobe have revived their “crack squad’’ to tackle farmers and herders clashes and other violent crimes.