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14 Sep 2020
Relationships are filled with ups and downs, however, there are times a partner might be done in the relationship while the other party still holds on. There are other situations where the other party starts to cheat. Below are some signs that show your girlfriend is no longer interested in a relationship: She Stops Caring…
6 Sep 2020
It is people’s dream to one day walk down the aisle with that significant other. Planning a wedding releases happy hormones that leave one feeling excited because they are so in love. Marriage is a really big commitment that requires your all. As such, making sure you and your partner are on the same page…
6 Sep 2020
The Greek word karpos (καρπός), which is translated “fruit”, usually in the sense of edible fruits, can also mean offspring, deed, action, result, or profit. Fruit, as use of the Holy Spirit in the Bible (Gal. 5:22-23), means deed, action, or result. Thus, the fruit of the Holy Spirit refers to the virtues or Christian…
2 Sep 2020
Love is in the air! Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are dating and so happily in love. We love to see it! According to The People, the two have been dating for a while before quarantine started. While the budding couple has yet to publicly comment on the news, their social media activity all but…
29 Aug 2020
Chadwick Boseman is reported to have secretly married his partner Taylor Simone Ledward before his death. His partner who was beside him when he died in the early hours of Saturday. The much-loved and respected Black Panther actor was confirmed to have died today after battling colon cancer for four years. His beloved Taylor was…
26 Aug 2020
Long-distance relationships can be demanding especially when it comes to the sexual part. However, there are so many ways to handle this part in relationships. A recent finding by researchers at Drexel University indicates as many as 88 percent of adults have engaged in sexting. Whoosh! Interesting fact right? Sexting in relationships can spice your…
24 Aug 2020
Relationships are blissful when things are smooth. However, it can be the most draining thing when you are with the wrong person. Cutting ties with romantic partners can be a bit of a herculean task at times. Regardless of whether you’ve been with someone for a few years or a few months, it’s always tricky…
24 Aug 2020
  There's just something about flowers that instantly make us feel better. No matter what type of flower it is, big or small, they always seem to bring happiness along with them. However, there are some flowers that have that extra dose of sunshine. If you know someone, whether it's a friend or a family…
23 Aug 2020
There was a way to be when my Nigerian father was in the room. You speak only when you are told to. You keep still and only be in your best behaviour. If he had visitors, you were not to interrupt with even the slightest body movement or sound. You never asked questions or disagreed…
15 Aug 2020
  Before the lockdown, my days were a routine. From home to a quick stop at the supermarket down the road for breakfast, usually quick snack then I am off to the office, then another stop at the restaurant for takeout as dinner and sometimes small chops for late-night snacking, and then back home, and…
9 Aug 2020
When my mother died in the early nineties at the age of sixty, I did not know that the effect would be so much on my father...
6 Aug 2020
  Relationships are fun when you have the right partner. After the honeymoon phase ends, you are faced with the reality and you start getting to know if you are with the right person or it was mere infatuation. The signs might not be so obvious, if you are not careful enough, you might stick…


1 hour ago
There’s a statement that says, “when the good king rules, there’s joy in the land and when a bad king rules, there’s pain in the land.”
1 hour ago
There is confusion, uncertainty and tension in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as it has again postponed the dates for its primaries for the 2023 general election.
1 hour ago
I am proudly Nigerian with German and Scottish heritage. I was born in Nigeria, raised in the United Kingdom, and have lived and worked across four continents.
1 hour ago
Gunshot sounds are increasingly becoming familiar to many residents of Anambra State. As if the trauma that arises from constantly hearing gunshots is not enough, the firers cause arson.
1 hour ago
I started professionally in 2009. I released my first song then titled Jekafo; Philkeyz produced it. Then, we were trying to get ourselves into the industry, but my mother was insistent that I attend school first.