Sunday, 23rd January 2022
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9 Feb 2021
Emotionally immature people can be extremely charming and at points entertaining to be around. The best thing about physical maturity is that it’s very easy to spot; we can so easily tell when someone has another decade of growth to go, and can therefore set our expectations, and our levels of forbearance accordingly. This also…
26 Jan 2021
The most sought-after man on Tinder has found love in lockdown after ditching the popular dating app to start a romance with his model friend. Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, from London, was crowned the most popular man on Tinder after more than 14,600 people swiped right for him in just two years as reported in The Daily…
26 Jan 2021
Dating is one of the beautiful things in a relationship, however, these days, people have different ulterior motives which makes it difficult to fall in love. So many people have been single for so long and wish to have someone to call theirs. However, past experiences have not made this journey smooth for them. However,…
25 Jan 2021
A teenager who was reportedly tortured, stabbed, and strangled during a gruesome attack by his Grindr date has raised more than $100,000 after losing the use of his hands. Holden White, 18, was mercilessly beaten after he reportedly met his attacker through the dating app on June 20 last year. During the violence, he is…
10 Jan 2021
As my family and two other families sat in the living room of my Lagos residence during our weekly movie night, watching Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” last week, the thought about writing this article started to birth in me.  A man told Okonkwo (the main character) about a story that had to do with…
8 Jan 2021
Relationships are beautiful when it is with the right person. Right from a young age, many people have a picture of the kind of relationship they want. Some of these attitudes could be toxic to your partner, however, it is possible not to see it this way because it is a lifelong quality that you…
29 Dec 2020
No relationship is perfect as it needs constant work to make it work. Putting certain things in place can help you build the chemistry and love you have with your significant. It does not matter how long you have been in your relationship, these tips will come in handy in building a strong and lasting…
22 Dec 2020
Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean having a boring sex life. It could be a bit difficult speaking to your partner about this, however, this is why friendship is a necessity in any relationship. Speak to your partner about your sexual needs and how you want to introduce virtual sex in your relationship.…
14 Dec 2020
I’ve always been a firm believer in true love, but recent experiences and observations have tried to shake my belief in its existence. Before I go on, I would like to point out, that this is for people who sincerely want to love faithfully and be loved. So, if you like flings or dating multiple…
7 Dec 2020
Relationships require lots of work for it to work. Every kinds of relationship require efforts because they involve different people coming together; be it friendships, work or romantic relationships. There is a popular saying that "silence is golden", which infers that in any relationship, there comes a time when one party might have to maintain…
1 Dec 2020
You see yourself shouting “God when” on so many social media posts, admiring the many love stories and pictures. However, your own love life seems to be in a state of chaos. You have made efforts to ensure you have a better love life but it all seems to be futile. Often, most people want…
24 Nov 2020
Relationships are beautiful when two people make conscious efforts to stay in each other's lives, this involves both romantic relationships and friendships. The brief flashes of thoughtfulness won’t become landmark events in your life, however, tiny loving acts tallied over a lifetime will strengthen your relationship and make you an extraordinary partner. There are some…


8 mins ago
A French soldier has died in Mali, the French defence ministry announced on Sunday, with the latest loss coming as Paris wonders whether to stop providing military backup
13 mins ago
Voters in Senegal went to the polls on Sunday to elect mayors and local representatives in a vote seen as a key test of support for President Macky Sall.
24 mins ago
The first Taliban delegation to visit Europe since returning to power in Afghanistan began talks Sunday with Afghan civil society members focused on human rights
28 mins ago
The leader of Israel's largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish party submitted his resignation from parliament Sunday, after reaching a plea deal
33 mins ago
A fire at one of Hungary's largest hospitals in Budapest killed one person and injured two Sunday, according to Hungarian police.