Thursday, 11th August 2022
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Violet Johnson

2 Nov 2019
Naturally as humans, we all have the capacity to be toxic and draining to the people around us without even realising it. One way to point out this trait is to look inward and think through the possible traits you exhibit. This may not be an easy process but, understanding what each toxic trait means…
9 Oct 2019
Spending quality time with the one you love and trying to practice effective communication are the two inevitable benchmarks of any relationship or marriage. However, it may feel like everything and anything can be talked about and can be said to your partner but that is not the case. There are certain things that should…
5 Oct 2019
Earlier this year, e-commerce giant Alibaba opened its FlyZoo Hotel, which it describes as a "290-room ultra-modern boutique, where technology meets hospitality. The hotel is the first of its kind in that it eschews traditional check-in and key card processes, instead of allowing guests to manage reservations and make payments entirely from a mobile app,…
1 Oct 2019
Travelling with a toddler ( 12months to 36months old) on a plane is often the trickiest stage, definitely harder than traveling with an infant in some cases. It might be a lot easier travelling with a baby compared to the aforementioned case because they are usually less mobile, smaller and can usually fit in an…
26 Sep 2019
Good vision helps you perform well—at home, at work, or during any activity. That’s why it’s important to take a few simple steps to make sure you help keep your eyesight at its best. Here are some simple tips to help maintain eye health: Eat a Balanced Diet Your eyes are unique and have their…
19 Sep 2019
A glass of ‘milk’ a day, keeps diseases away. Not just apples. As adults, we're all well-acquainted with this idea that Milk is good for us. But beyond this vague notion, there are uncertainties revolving around the specifics of exactly why that is. These three things are just a few out of many reasons why…
13 Sep 2019
When it comes to your kitchen, it’s easy to forget when you bought certain items and whether they’ve expired or not. But, here's a quick reminder in the form of a list of those items in your kitchen that you should toss out in order to make room for fresher items: 1. Old Spices Old…
13 Sep 2019
There are some three things that are certain in life – Death, bills and of course, the release of new iPhones. For the past few months, we have been anticipating the release of Apple’s new addition – the iPhone 11, Pro and Max. As expected, it has finally been released and of course, its new…
29 Aug 2019
Despite making sure your skin is protected all day, it still isn't enough care it needs. Taking several steps each day to apply skincare products might feel excessive, but, it is impossible to create a youthful complexion later in life, you can only maintain the one you have now. If you can commit to doing…
8 Aug 2019
The wonders of lemon and its juice when it comes to skin remedies cannot be overemphasized. Most beauty products that have this green and often times yellow fruit as one of its ingredients tend to give amazing results in terms of how best it solves the blemish at hand. In other words, Lemon contains nutrients…
7 Aug 2019
When the emotions of two different people are involved, it becomes a dicey situation; one in which you must always thread with caution. However, committing ourselves to a monogamous relationship does not necessarily mean giving up the experience of being friends with people of the opposite sex when in a relationship. As a matter of…
6 Aug 2019
There are quite a number of indigenous tribes around the world with their peculiar cultures and practices which may seem queer to an outsider. One of such tribes is the Chimbu (or Simbu) of Papau New Guinea whose Province is located in its central Highlands. The term “Chimbu” was given to the people by the…


4 mins ago
A faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State loyal to the Minister of Interior and former governor of the state, Rauf Aregbesola, has refuted a report
11 mins ago
Upon being informed that her famished and desperate peasant compatriots could not afford their staple diet of bread, the Queen of France Marie-Antoinette (1755-1799) allegedly
12 mins ago
Lagos State Government, yesterday, said it had embarked on the construction of the Opebi-Mende Link Bridge and the approach roads in Ikeja Local Council for ease of commuting
12 mins ago
The story has been that of unchanging marginalisation of the education sector by the federal government in its policy formulation and annual budgetary appropriation.
14 mins ago
The Rotary Club of Omole Golden (District 9110) has disclosed plan to provide ultra-modern public toilets at major markets and motor parks as part of its advocacy to tackle