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Be more desirable to him


I was sitted in a restaurant that faced the ocean some days back and I thought to myself what sort of simple practice would make you a more sensual, classy woman, and it has actually been said to be a form of loosing weight too. Is it slimming. Guess what it is? Pleasure. I came to realize that, that is what is missing from most women’s lives today.

One of the most common places it shows up is in our relationship with food, eating and our bodies. There is so much guilt around food, I figured this is the secret to share with my ladies.

So as I was seated in this restaurant, this woman had me hooked on her. She was at a nearby table and she was served a very small mouth watering desert. When the desert was brought to her table, She studied the small cream-covered cake as if it were a work of art. She inhaled the aroma of lemons on the cake. I could not help but stare at her and I thought to myself, was she a food critique…at least I read a couple of those kind of things on social media.

After a while, she took the slender desert spoon and brought a small bite of the cake to her lips. With her eyes closed in enjoyment, she savored the texture and taste of the treat. I was so entranced, I forgot all about what I was eating. Never before had I seen a woman have a love affair with her food. Every bite, a thrill. Every taste, a lesson in seduction.

In our very busy world, we dash from one appointment to the next, eating in our cars (I am very guilty of that), we eat standing up, we eat while watching TV, we rush through dinner on our dates, we eat when we are nervous, we use food to check out emotionally and avoid our feelings (comfort eating). All these unhealthy foods, drastic diets and toxic cycles rule our lives, all ending in heaps of guilt.

And so I figured that there is surely a better, more elegant way to enjoy eating that increases your sensuality as a woman. I discovered the lost art of dining like a lady. As a lady, you need not live to eat, but eat to live.

I have actually been on dates where men said they loved ‘how I ate. Even my female friends said the same too. It really is an art. I had one collegue back then who told me he loved the way I dissect a whole chicken and the way I eat, which also makes him want to eat, even though he is not hungry. That made me laugh a lot back then.

You can master the art of eating as a lady. It is not that hard. Make whoever it is you are on a date with want to just grab you and eat from your mouth. lol. Ok that was weird. So here we go:

Have a seat.
Eating on the go, in your car or standing up does not really create a restful way of eating. At all times, you must be relaxed, enjoy that meal. In that way, you can really savor that meal.

Use a plate or bowl.
You cannot be mindful of what you are eating from a carton, bag or box. Besides, that is just not classy. It is easier to be aware of how much you are eating when you place it on a plate or in a bowl. In that way, you can watch what you eat in order not to pile the weight.

Slow down. Savor. Enjoy.
Slow down. It is not a contest. Every bite should be enjoyed with pleasure. Put your fork down between bites. Enjoy a stimulating conversation with whoever it is you are eating with on that date, the scenery or notice other people enjoying their food.

Do not count. Measure.
When I go to any restaurant, I love my pasta and prawns. When I go to café’s such as Crust and Cream or NOK by Alara, I enjoy their chocolate and decadent deserts, when I go to KFC or chicken republic, I enjoy their fried crispy chicken and chips and I do not starve myself by trying to resist their fully loaded box that has burger in it. I eat these things without guilt.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I do not count calories, i eat until I am 75% full. When you eat mindfully and slowly, you feel when you have had enough. My friends used to joke about this, now they this method to avoid over-eating, too.

Do not mix emotions and eating.
Avoid eating when you are nervous, angry, afraid or a similar emotion has surfaced. Find a healthy outlet for it instead. Talk it out. Go running or exercise. Whatever you do, stay away from the kitchen. I know it is not easy but you need to train yourself.

These tips will help you stand out as a cultured, high value woman who experiences even the most basic parts of life with pleasure. What high quality man would not want some of that? Enjoy yourself on your various dates. Do not put on too much weight though.
To our happiness. Cheers.

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