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Tunji’s mother was turning 65 and of course my entire family had been invited to her birthday soiree. It was a day to the big event and I had no idea what to wear or what my game plan was. Of course I needed a game plan. It was the perfect opportunity to worm my way back into Tunji’s heart but I had to get his family back on my side first. I knew his father and brother had a soft spot for me…but his mother was a tough nut to crack. She was very protective of her sons and I knew I had crossed at least a hundred lines when I called off my engagement to her first son.

If I was going to make any headway, I needed her on my side.

My best friends were in the room helping me pick out the perfect outfit. The room was in complete disarray with clothes and shoes strewn all around us.

“This dress is perfect”. Tosin my friend said to me.

She came over to join me in front of the massive mirror in my bedroom. The dress she was referring to was forest green and it clung to my body like a second skin. I was wearing a corset underneath which had now taken a few inches off my waist. The dress had a plunging neckline which was laced with sparkling crystals and a detachable chiffon train that flowed from my waist down to my ankles. The forest green fabric complimented my dark skin and I knew with the right kind of make-up and with my hair professionally styled, I’d look ravishing!

“She looks like she is trying too hard”. Onyeka (my very honest friend) said as she flew off the bed and joined us in front of the mirror. Tosin turned towards me with her arms on her hips.

“I thought I told you I didn’t want Mary Poppins here when I arrived with the dresses from the stylist”. She said. I laughed out loud.

“Tosin the dress is beautiful, but I have to agree with Onyeka, it’s a bit too much. First of all, Tunji’s mother would not appreciate being upstaged at her own birthday dinner especially by me. Secondly, I don’t want it to be like I am trying too hard to get Tunji’s attention’. I explained.

“But you are trying to get his attention”! Tosin exclaimed.

“No she is not! She just wants to remind him of what he is missing that is all. She doesn’t have to arrive at the party looking like a peacock to achieve that”! Onyeka exclaimed.

“Only you would think this dress makes her look like a peacock! Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered calling the hottest stylist in Lagos to hook her up with dresses. Maybe I should have just gone to the cook downstairs and asked him to give us a few old sacks of rice for her to wear over her corset and a bin bag for her to put over her head”! Tosin cried out in frustration.

Onyeka hissed at Tosin’s sarcastic comments and went back to sit on my bed with a dramatic thud. I sighed. I really did not need the extra drama.
“I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going”. I said as I struggled to get out of the skin tight dress.

“So you are going to give up just like that”? Tosin asked “After you got your dad’s hopes high again about the prospect of you and Tunji getting back together and after I gave little Miss Muffet my expensive bag for losing our bet about you and Tunji? You are a joker! You are going to that dinner and you are going to make Tunji’s jaw drop”. Tosin warned.

I looked to Onyeka for support since she and Tosin always had conflicting views on things.

“Don’t look at me, you are totally going. Especially because I want to attend the dinner and it would be awkward going if you are not there”. Onyeka informed me.

“I don’t have extra invites for you guys. My girlfriend privileges have been suspended temporarily remember”? I said as I tossed the green dress at Tosin.

“Huh? Who was waiting for you to get an invite? I called Tunji and got us four invites for both of us and our plus ones. You were the one who broke his heart not us and we refuse to be collateral damage”. Tosin said.

“You guys are on your own if I don’t find the perfect dress, I am not going anywhere. Maybe I should wear one of my little black dresses.”! I informed them.

Tosin scoffed at me.
“Madam, you need to see what you are up against. I don’t think you understand”. She said.

She picked up her phone and googled Tunji’s new girlfriend, about a million images popped up. Onyeka hurriedly joined us as we looked through them one by one. She was very beautiful and the girl had serious wardrobe game! It seemed like she was always red carpet ready.

“Wow…this is war”. Onyeka said “May be you should wear the green dress after all, because you know she is definitely bringing her “A” game with her”.

Tosin rolled her eyes.
“I came prepared for you two doubting Thomases. I have my joker…as always”. She said.

Tosin disappeared and returned a few minutes later with a dress and as she held it up against my body, I knew it was the one.
“Go big or go home”. Tosin said winking at me.

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