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Self love: The beginning of real love


Ever wondered why men flock to a certain woman even though she’s got nothing on you? Perhaps you yourself are drawn to specific people because they make you feel good, make you laugh or simply being in their presence is uplifting. So the Billion Naira question is “Are You That Person? “
Darling the answer should be Yes! Because you are naturally empowered to be that special. It starts with a little four letter word called LOVE. Love yourself first, if you do not love yourself then it is impossible for anyone to love you. Here are a few simple ways to get the Job done.

Know Yourself
You know yourself best, what upsets you, angers you, makes you smile, ticks you off. Play to your strengths, overcome or avoid your weaknesses, always be in charge of your emotions and take control of the atmosphere around you.

Take Time Out
Take time out to let your hair down, put your feet up and chill out with yourself or with friends and family. Have a Spa Day, watch a great movie, read a good book, listen to cool music, go shopping as long as it makes you happy. Do it regularly so the stress that is Life does not build up,

Be Your Biggest Fan
We tend to be our own worst critics so instead of self-depreciation how about a self-appreciation, think of ten things you should be grateful for that you have, can do or are currently enjoying that others are not or do not have daily and be thankful. Always be optimistic; do not dwell upon the challenges focus on the solutions.

Be Comfortable in your Own Skin
Own your style and rock it, because it is all about presentation, and nothing projects better than self-confidence. Dress to impress but wear what makes you feel great and as long you take ownership people will notice.
We know what they say if you want soar mingle with the eagles and you just might reach unattainable heights. You know where you want which isn’t necessarily where you ought to be which is far grander than most of our hopes and aspirations due to fear of the unknown. You are made special that is why you are unique, understand it, believe it and own it and the rest will become history.

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