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12 Oct 2021
Workplace negativity can have a lot of disadvantages that can ultimately affect the growth of the company. When there is negativity around the workplace then employers witness a lot of things including low productivity, high turnover, poor performance, and strained relationships with coworkers and supervisors. This negativity can have adverse effects on the growth of…
27 Jul 2021
As bizarre as it may sound in the digital age, phone calls are not dead. Since email and phone are time-tested communication channels, it is only fair to assume that it will take time for digital alternatives to replace these default communication tools. It is no secret that most consumers tend to use phones to…
16 Jul 2021
SBC, manufacturers of the world’s most-loved beverages in Nigeria and makers of trusted personal and homecare brand, 2Sure, has refreshed its corporate identity to reflect a renewed strategic direction. The contemporary new look and identity, which came into effect on July 1, 2021, mark a renewed commitment to fostering innovation for the endless possibilities of…
22 Apr 2021
It has been 24 years since the first social media platform, Andrew Weinreich’s Six Degrees, came into our lives. There are now at least 20 platforms, individually boasting of over 300m active users every month. According to a recent report by Statista, a German-based company that specialises in global data analysis, there are over 4.2…
17 Apr 2021
Even before the emergence of the pandemic, the outlook for the world economy - and especially developing countries like Nigeria - was fragile, as global GDP growth was estimated to be only 2.5% in 2020. Based on this unanticipated and unpleasant reality, the consequences have been devastating and enormous on business organisations, a number of…
16 Apr 2021
Speaking during the virtual launch of SperaDeal; a new start-up company with the vision to become Africa’s No. 1 Company in Talents Development and Innovations, the Founder of SperaDeal, Mr. Fredrick Maximum, highlighted the vision behind the establishment of SperaDeal. This vision he anchored on the need to revolutionise the economy of Africa through innovations,…
8 Apr 2021
“A Better Version of the Present Me is the spacecraft that will transport the Present Me to the much desired Future Me. The spacecraft moves faster if the Present Me agrees to be a Better Version of Me.” Like most business leaders, I see three (3) versions of myself. The Past Me is who I…
25 Mar 2021
You finally got the keenly contested dream job. Congratulations! After resuming on the job, however, you begin to feel inadequate. You feel undeserving. You feel you have (again) tricked this organisation into believing you can deliver the role. You feel the business will soon find out how incompetent you really are.  You don’t feel you…
25 Feb 2021
Business leaders are not only part of the population experiencing pandemic-related consequences of the global recession, economic contraction, and job losses. They also have the accountability of keeping shareholders happy, employees motivated, and customers satisfied. BUPA, a leading global health insurance & healthcare group, reported that pre-COVID-19, “64% of senior business leaders have suffered from…
11 Feb 2021
Napoléon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution in 1789, said, “there is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.” Time is the most precious thing to man, and many have tried to “strike” or…
15 Dec 2020
A leading Nigerian integrated marketing communications expert, Abayomi Ayoola, has promised both local and international brand owners in the country an assured delivery of exceptional brand experiences...
29 Oct 2020
Anyone who has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur knows how scary it is to take that first step.


2 mins ago
At least 19 people have died and dozens of others were hospitalised after consuming toxic alcohol from a roadside kiosk in northern Morocco, local media reported Wednesday.
12 mins ago
Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega on Wednesday called the Catholic Church a "perfect dictatorship" for not allowing members to elect the pope and other authority figures.
18 mins ago
Combine operation by police and other security agencies in six states bordering FCT has led to the arrest of a suspected kidnapper and the successful rescue of a victim.
59 mins ago
The British pound sank Thursday by more than one percent against the dollar after the Bank of England intervened on the bond markets to head off a fresh financial catastrophe.
1 hour ago
The multi-platinum R&B singer Kelly, who has been found guilty of sex crimes twice this year, will have to pay at least $300,000 in reparations to some of his victims, a federal judge said. U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly stated during a hearing in Brooklyn that the money will reimburse two women, going by the…