Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Love & Life

17 Nov 2018
This is my personal experience I am sharing. I started dating a lady when she was about 17 years of age. That was in 2009. I trusted her more than anybody else in my life. I cheated on her and when she got to find out, we went our separate ways for some time. I…
13 Oct 2018
I am queen, a 23-year-old student in desperate need of advice. This is the first time I have a committed relationship with a man, who is 27 years old. Currently, we are on a break, because our arguments were becoming very heated and physical. A few weeks ago, he literally punched me in the face…
15 Sep 2018
Hi, I am Nikki. I am in my early 30s and single. There is this guy I have been dating for a while and I love him so much. However, I had sex with his older brother 10 years ago when I was really loose. His brother and I messed around twice for money and…
Unhappy couple
25 Aug 2018
This is not a good sign; she has a right to her feelings, but in the end, it not healthy for you, as it relates to living together. This much, I will share with you. Never think about change when it comes on to a relationship. What you see is what you get; people do…
28 Jul 2018
I almost cheated on my spouse. I walked away from the man I almost slept with because I realised how much I truly loved my spouse. I made the mistake of telling my spouse about this "almost" incident. Now, he refuses to talk to me and he wants to separate. He said he couldn't look…
28 Jul 2018
Truth doesn't always set you free. I had a similar experience, I was very honest with my boyfriend about past relationships and life in general, because, as I told him, there was nothing in my life for which I felt ashamed of. I had a beautiful life, with all pain and breakups involved. It's part…
21 Jul 2018
Your husband’s behaviour is driven by two different, but very powerful, emotions: attachment and sexual desire. (In all likelihood, you husband is deeply attached to you. He wants you in his life and he draws comfort and security from your relationship. At the same time, however, sexual desire is a very powerful motivator and more…
21 Jul 2018
If you want to succeed in today’s world, you have to become an expert in your chosen field. Besides, never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. Life changes everyday and so can you. The consistency of your rituals will make you an expert in your field if action is taken over time.…
Turn off in a guy
9 Jun 2018
I was actually dating this lady from the eastern part of Nigeria. Immediately after my youth service, barely a year into our relationship, she was then working as a sales rep in one of the business organisation in Balogun Street on Lagos Island and Trade Fare Complex, all of a sudden, she started going home…
19 May 2018
I met my husband in school, we were so glued to each other that we saw each other vitually everyday, though we never had sexual intercourse, after much frustration and accusation of him not wanting me. After four years or so, he got sick and in the midst of it, he thought it was time…
28 Apr 2018
I am a 25-year-old guy. My girlfriend and I were in a long distance relationship. During the first semester in school (this was almost three months long), things seemed bearable and it seemed like the long distance wouldn’t be a problem, because I could travel home about once a month, but now, I feel things…
7 Apr 2018
My wife and I had been in a relationship for six years and married for two years. Last week, I met an old school friend at a reunion party and we drank lot of alcohol and I got intimate with her and it happened on one night only. I felt so guilty, so I told…


14 mins ago
Lagos State Governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has given traders two days ultimate to vacate the red line rail tracks at Agege.
27 mins ago
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has expressed worry over the spate of insecurity in Imo State ahead of the forthcoming November 11th governorship election in the state.
29 mins ago
The Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) in partnership with Platinum X Art and Media Ltd has concluded plans to organise the ‘Abuja I Believe Carnival 2023” for residents of Abuja and other talented Nigerians in other states to showcase their talent.
32 mins ago
Bankrupt Sri Lanka's economic recovery was "not yet assured", the International Monetary Fund warned Wednesday, after the first review of its $2.9 billion bailout aimed at restoring the island's finances.
33 mins ago
The Department of State Services (DSS), as part of efforts in sustaining its engagement with citizens and the public at large as well as deepening democratic governance, transparency and accountability, has established a new Directorate of Public Relations and Strategic Communications (DPRSC).