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Ibru Ecumenical Centre

Watch Out For False Prophets (2)
26 Apr 2015  
IN God’s governmental dealings with people, the severity of punishment shows the gravity of the sin committed by man. The sin of a false prophet, who deceives multitudes into believing a soul-damning lie, who strengthens men in rebellion against God, who turns people away from the way of salvation into the way of eternal perdition, who changes, adulterates and distorts the Word of God, the sacred constitution of God’s Kingdom, who sins against the clear light of God’s revelation, who by flagrantly sinning encourages others to sin against God, who professes to serve God, being supported by the resources of God’s people, yet serves God’s arch-enemy, Satan and who refuses the pleadings of the Holy Spirit to repent and return to the truth, that preacher’s crime is greater than what our tongue can express. What would you think of doctors who, instead of helping people to live, are injecting them with disease-transmitting viruses? What would our society, any society, think of lawyers, who collect much money from their clients and yet consistently and deliberately make them victims of cruel injustice? What would our government, any government, think of the teachers who, instead of teaching youths to live properly, deliberately teach them the way of evil and death? What God knows about false prophets, which most of us are ignorant of would make shocking and frightening discoveries, when they are eventually disclosed on the judgment day.