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A Jerry boy…


He might not be (at least not intentionally) mean, soulless, a heartbreaker…and all the names that we love to heap on ‘them brothers’ who just won’t egg us on to the altar. And drape us with the MRS status.

The thing is…
…a JERRY BOY is never cut out for marital life, but it is the rest of us who don’t just get it!
‘The rest of us’…that is, from the sisters who twist to degree 360 to prove WIFE MATERIAL to the bros, to relatives who harangue him with WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SETTLE DOWN or IS THIS OUR WIFE…once they see any lady around him.

By the way, do you know the attributes of a Jerry Boy?
. He is over 40years of age
. He seems ‘comfortable’… going by the CONTRACT figures (in millions o) that he names.
. Good looking (at least he takes care of himself)…he is most regular at massage spas, doesn’t joke with his ‘mani and pedi’ sessions.
. Probably has a lady that ‘mixes cream’ for him…that’s how much bros takes care of himself.
. He most likely has an American Accent to boot or he can effortlessly manufacture one if there is a new somebody to woo.
. Keeps many females (his star quality really)…ranging from those that are half his age to those that are older than him. Each category has its purpose.

You see the dilemma of a Jerry Boy?

His swag is a magnet to women…both young and old!
And he considers it his place in the world to accommodate as many as would cross his path.

To his admirers…a JERRY BOY has sophistication. To the rest of us (bad belles!)…he is superficial.

Ok, I continue…

A Jerry Boy (that is finally goaded into marriage) is most likely to become a serial divorcee or might even end up a plain ‘baby daddy’ to multiple ‘baby mamas’.

There is always a love story that left him ‘the victim’. And you just have to sympathise.

Dear lady…
It is NOT the job of a JERRY BOY to save you from himself!

If you desire more… look elsewhere. If you put head here, you will NOT be an exception.
…not for as long as JERRY BOY continues to have a swell time under the sheets, anyway.
Someone put it succinctly when he said, “that a man is intelligent, handsome and sociable does not guarantee he will be a good husband. What makes a good husband is a man’s level of RESPONSIBILITY.’’

Seriously question the values of any man who has fathered CHILDREN with MULTIPLE women and is still SINGLE!

Does it mean that none of those women he frequented their chambers with FRUITS to show for his ‘hard labour,’ is good enough for him to make his MRS?

It’s even preferable to consider a man that has been married once with kids-than one who has never been married but has fathered children with different women.

The former will always seem courageous (to me) while the latter will plant one word in my head-IRRESPONSIBLE!

But will ladies learn…even after reading the writing on the wall?

I doubt that very much.
Some people may argue that a Jerry boy is simply a man (of experience…especially with women) since it is claimed that when ‘searching’, a man is expected to have passed through many toads, until he finds his princess charming.
I have no problems with ‘trying’ until one gets it right.

What I ,however, object to is the idea of stringing along multiple partners in the name of searching!
It is not possible to make an informed decision in the presence of too many options. You have to eliminate some options first –to enable you narrow things down to the barest minimum. That way, you are not only able to focus better on what you have at hand; you are also most likely to give it your best shot. You can’t be serious about wanting to get married-with so many ‘candidates’ (at the same time) in your ‘relationship repertoire’…that’s an express way to CONFUSION because you are probably keeping everyone of them for different reasons and when it’s time for decision making (for example), you find a guy settling for the lady that took in for him first…yet she is not WHO he needs. And when the chips are down, you start hearing sobby stories like I MARRIED HER BECAUSE

Please! Such men who don’t have barriers I call JERRY BOYS.

No, it simply is not in the DNA of a jerry boy to grow up. And surrender the things of youth.

In fact, if the society doesn’t begin to give him a stare down, a jerry boy can even begin to sag trousers with the mates of his son… that’s how ‘young’ he considers himself!

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