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A light bulb moment


“Tosin, not everyone is like you! It is just not proper to go into a new relationship barely two months after a breakup”! Onyeka exclaimed. After Tunji’s shocking revelation, I had reached out to my friends. I was confused about how badly it hurt to know he had moved on so quickly and so publicly. I had invited them over to help me work out my emotions but instead they had started arguing as usual.

“And not everyone is as uptight as you Mummy Onyeka! Everyone understands the role of the rebound guy/girl in the healing process after a breakup”! Tosin retorted. She looked at me and I knew she was waiting for me to validate her claims. I rolled my eyes at her instead, groaned out loud and put a pillow over my face.

“Sewa, don’t listen to Tosin, Tunji is absolutely wrong to be publicizing a new relationship so soon and I am going to have a word with him!” Onyeka said in her no-nonsense voice.


I instantly pulled the pillow off my face and sat up. “Please Onyeka don’t say anything to Tunji”. I begged. I had been with Tunji for almost a decade and in that time Onyeka had “had a word with him” a couple of times and it had ended badly each time! Tunji hated it when our friends got involved in our business and I was not about to add that headache to my heartache.

“So you’re just going to let him get away with it”? Onyeka asked looking at me in disbelief. “Get away with what exactly? Sewa broke up with the guy and he moved on. The timing is absolutely none of her business. His love life stopped being her business the minute she called off the wedding”! Tosin said in obvious frustration.

She had a point and I couldn’t deny it. Tunji didn’t owe me any explanations. “In my opinion, going into a relationship so publicly less than two months after ending a relationship that lasted for almost a decade is an indication that the other woman was in the picture all along”. Onyeka said.

She had finally addressed the white elephant in the room. I had been wondering if the new girl had been in the picture all along but I was too scared to ask. If my fears were confirmed, then it would mean that the last ten years of my life had been a lie and it would be unbearable. More unbearable than my current heartache.

“That’s not the point. Tunji has moved on and Sewa should too. End of the matter”. Tosin declared. Onyeka sighed, I could tell she had conceded.

“You are right. There is no use crying over spilled milk. The focus should be on Sewa moving forward with her life and not on Tunji’s choices”. She said.
I was lost in thought, because I had come to an astonishing realization… “I think I want Tunji back” I said

Onyeka and Tosin looked at me as though I had sprouted another head. “What in the world does that even mean”? Onyeka asked in a very stern tone. “It means I want Tunji back”. I said it loud out again and this time I was sure I meant it.

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