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Ayo, you never hear of Google?



Everyone who’s got a baby mama has got some baby mama drama, right? I reckon where Wizkid went so wrong was no one ever pulled the poor young lad aside to let him know that the more the baby mamas, the more the drama. Or maybe he failed to do his research.

If only he’d done a quick Google search, he would have most definitely kept his raincoat on.

Take, for example, Hollywood legend Eddie Murphy who’s been making babies as long as he’s been making movies. The actor has eight children with four different women, one of which is none other than the erstwhile Scary Spice, Mel B. Eddie Murphy adamantly denied that he was the father of her child. Paternity tests later revealed that Murphy was in fact the father and he’s reportedly begun making an effort to be a dad, and has formed a relationship with daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Rapper DMX boasts a whopping 15 kids with nine baby mamas. The double-digit progeny is also the reason why in 2015, he found himself in big trouble for not being able to support many of his children since he owed over $400,000 in child support and was sentenced to six months in prison for the offence.

Closer home there is of course peer and fierce nemesis Davido who in 2016 accused his baby mama Sophia Momodu of neglecting their daughter, doping, posing a serious risk to their child and draining him dry of all his money while

Sophia in turn accused the pop star’s family of ‘babynapping’ and called the immigration on Davido’s family while trying to leave the country.

Wizkid’s week of baby mama drama kicked off when second baby mama Binta Diallo accused the singer of not paying child support since earlier this year and revealed that she was begged by the singer’s family from suing him to court so as to avoid immigration issues. This came only a week after Binta took to her Instagram stories on Monday, September 10, 2018, where she posted a number of posts, calling Wizkid a deadbeat dad.

Joining the drama on Thursday was Oluwanishola Ogudu, the mother of Wizkid‘s first child who took to Instagram to share her story as a co-parent with the superstar, revealing how the star had missed 7 of his son’s birthdays, was not present in his life and delayed payment of his fees.

Of course, as with any salubrious celebrity drama, the latest became the talk of Naija Twitter within hours, Wizzy’s fans on one camp and those who empathise with the scorned baby mamas on the other.

“Ladies, the most important lesson is financial stability. Be able to own yours. Then, you can live on your terms,” commented Sisi Yemmie.

“I can’t even go further to start painting scenarios honestly but my own is, Bolu deserves his father & Shola deserves respect. Wizkid is a global star & he should be a better father to Bolu, he’s growing & needs his father. Wizkid shouldn’t deny him that, step up abeg,” concluded social media user, Baba Folarin at the end of his Twitter storm.

“Biola, sincerely speaking, I don’t think you read the lady’s story and the experience of the child. If you did, I don’t understand how you’d come up with this. I speak as a man (child) who knows paying school fees is NEVER and will NEVER be enough ever!” J.J. Omojuwa chided a Twitter user who criticised Shola.

Another Twitter user monikered ‘Serious Banter’ offered wise words:

“Ladies, if your man is looking for ways to justify Wizkid’s actions regarding this issue.
That is a RED FLAG.”
The problem with Shola is not that…
She is a gold digger.
She wants Wizkid’s attention.
She wants her 15 minutes of fame.
She wants his support.
She is not financially stable.
She does not live on her own terms.

She “doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to Wiz other than to be asking for funds” – to quote another Twitter user.

She is “living in a house of 2.1m rent annually and flying up and down” in the words of another keyboard crusader.

The problem with Shola is…

She was a young and naïve girl who fell in love with a young and silly boy who thought giving him a child would turn him into a responsible man.

The problem with Shola is the problem with most young and naïve women who believe – through love, sex, and attention, through nagging, begging, cajoling, through prayer, petition, pleading, through home cooking, soul searching and baby-making – they can turn a bad boy into a good man.

Shola is no different than millions of girls around the world who are her age, who were her age, who fell pregnant and against all odds – or for a minute, let’s consider, for the very reason that she thought this guy could support him. She is not much different than women in their forties, who earn a living, hold down a job or a business, live on their own terms but still hold a torch for a bad boy who will never be tamed.

Shola’s only misjudgement was to think because the bad boy in question was a rising star he would have the means to support a child which, let’s face it is the outcome of a joint act. She did not conjure a baby out of her womb without the necessary ingredient from Wizkid’s loins. And to dream that once the baby was born he would come to be part of this child’s life, even if not hers.

As for Wizkid. Where to start?

Ayo, you never hear of Google?

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