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Becoming your own beauty queen


Women often times have been subjected to a lot of misconception about what beauty is and what to get from being attractive. Reason we describe beauty in diverse ways, from facial structure to body endowment, features, and attractiveness to mention a few.

No wonder the Dove 2010 global study on the Real Truth About Beauty revealed that 672 million women worldwide do not acknowledge their own beauty. This is in spite women are the most hardworking people when it comes to body care but unfortunately, the research shows that more than 80 percent of women see the beauty in others but fail to recognize their own beauty, thereby pressurizing themselves and becoming their own beauty critics. A recent research showed that women choose to be average looking people over being beautiful which makes them insecure, vulnerable, gullible and competitive. It also causes anxiety, shame, dejection, self-disgust, diluted confidence, low self-esteem and uneasiness with one’s own body as well as unhealthy dieting.


Is beauty about the physical alone?
In most situations, we think our outer appearances are what best describe us, hence we judge ourselves by what we see on TVs and social media but its high time we started viewing ourselves differently. Not for what others think of us but for what we can bring to the table for a change. We have to call our own shots and be the ones to decide whether or not we are beautiful.

When you walk through that mirror and behold your supposed ugly image, stand still and begin to create your own image, put your mind to it, put your words to it, do not stop until you become an irresistible beauty queen. Concern yourself with belief you can stand by, people you care about, tickets you can run with. When you get, give, when you learn, you have to teach others. These are the qualities that make you beautiful and boost your self worth.

One of the most beautiful things in life is when women look out for each other, encourage and uplift each other. Instead of being each other’s rivals, we should be allies, hold each other’s hands and sincerely tell ourselves how beautiful we are.

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