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Breast grabbers…


My findings have shown that the most reported and prosecuted sex offences involve some “church rats” that misbehaved with minors around them. Did I also tell you that most ‘breast grabbers’ are fathers and husbands?

They are the category of men that are uncontrollably “boobs crazy.” For some reason, it is a taboo for any “full-chested” female to come close without these human beings making a move, directly or indirectly, for her chest area.

The irony of it all is that these set of men are supposedly the respected, probably by virtue of their social positions where they are planted. In other words you can call them “authority abusers.”

And they are everywhere…from our higher institutions down to the religious places. The reason sexual abuse is highly under-reported in this part of the world is that oftentimes, nothing comes out of such endeavours. So, most victims of sexual abuse have rather learned to go and lick their wounds in secret. And that emboldens the “chest grabbers.”


Going for a grab of a woman’s breast or a squeeze of her backside is an elixir to this bunch of men. Haven’t you noticed that the ‘big men’ sex offenders often go scot-free?

My findings have shown that the most reported and prosecuted sex offences involve some “church rats” that misbehaved with minors around them. Did I also tell you that most ‘breast grabbers’ are fathers and husbands?

I really am hoping that breast grabbing is not some sort of mental disorder that is gradually plaguing a lot of our men-while the medical society looks the other way.

Otherwise, I consider it a very animalistic tendency. And there is a very thin line between this disgusting tendency and rape. One who can’t control his urge to grab the breast of any female within his reach in a disgusting manner CAN also rape her-if the opportunity presents itself.

Yes, I am talking of some men who are highly placed…company CEOs, Religious heads and those in the academics e.g. lecturers and teachers, those in positions of authority (politicians, etc.)-you name them!

Men who have supposedly passed through many academic and success institutions without making a ‘stop-over’ at the department of discipline and self respect. An issue was brought to my notice a few days back…a supposed deacon of a church (who is incidentally a medical doctor) and has been widowed for close to nine years, the church elders felt it’s time he settles with a woman. One of the conditions he gave is that he wants a spirit-filled woman. The Church could not have thought of a better person than Sister Blessing (not her real name) who, even though in her early-forties and still single, has been faithful in church matters. Come the day that Sister Blessing paid deacon a visit at his office, it was a clearly shaken lady that stormed out of Dr. Deacon’s office-with a few buttons on her blouse missing.

What transpired between them is rather embarrassing to explain in full details, but it all came down to the fact that deacon made a dash for the lady’s breasts and in the struggle that ensued, a few buttons on her blouse fell off -before she was able to extricate herself from a maniac’s hold.

This reminds me of a particular incident that took place between a friend in the University and a lecturer (a supposed head of department o), who happens to be her project supervisor. She told me that whenever she goes for him to assess her work…breast grabbing and her making a dash for the door, which she deliberately leaves slightly ajar as soon as she enters that office, takes center stage, until she learnt that she could actually submit her work through his office and not get directly involved with him. It was a relief of sorts to her but he scored her very low for a course that most undergraduates never make less than a three points in…due to the ‘copy copy’ nature of most undergraduate project research in Nigerian Universities.


I am aware that an average male desires a woman in more ways than meets the eye, but I wonder why any sane man would rather lunge at a lady’s breast in an animalistic manner. What happens to TALKING to her first and foremost about your desire and maybe coaxing her to consider your ‘proposition’?

It’s still her body and you need every permission from her to go near it! All that ‘grabbing’ is most offensive, disrespectful and any man that is worth his onions (as a MAN) should be appalled at the very thought of it.

For every lady that rejects your advances, tens of others will gladly say YES. Why ridicule yourself by allowing your ‘third leg’ to rule your reasoning?
SHAME on any man, whose stock-in-trade, where hapless females are concerned, is ‘chest grabbing’.

I hope it sits well with you when someone else does the same to your daughter, sister or wife.

Karma sees all that!

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